I was working out at the gym the other day, and went into the locker room to wash my hands. I always like to wash my hands before I leave the gym. I am a germophobe, not a homophobe (more about that in a second…).

So I walk into the gym locker room to make sure that all the junk and human sweat from the gym is off my hands. When I get in there, there is a guy in there who is about to shave . . . completely naked.

It’s a community bathroom, so there is bound to be someone in there from time to time who is naked. I’ve seen men’s naked butts before. Who cares, right?

As I walk in there, I say to him, “Hey, What’s up?” He said, “Hey. How you doing?” Then I proceed to go and wash my hands.

As I’m looking down at my hands in the sink, I notice the guy has his hand over his dick to cover it up. I thought to myself, “Dude, do you think I came in here to check out your dick? C’mon…” It was just bizarre.

So now I’m looking in the mirror just to see if he continues to cover up his dick with his hand the entire time, and I see that he is. He was shaving with one hand and covering up his dick with the other. It was hilarious.

Do you remember when you were a boy at summer camp and you had to change in the bunks in front of each other? There were always those boys who were afraid to do it, and would wrap a towel around themselves when they were changing. They would be scared to death to expose their penis to another guy.

That’s what this guy was reminding me of when he kept his hand over his dick while he was shaving. I have to say that some people are really homophobic. I couldn’t care less who looks at my dick. It doesn’t matter.

You know I’ve changed at gyms many times, and I’m sure there were gay guys who were in the locker room at the time. I’m sure they checked out my dick. I’m sure they liked my dick. Who the hell cares?

This guy was so homophobic and so uncomfortable that it hurt to watch.

So, really, when you’re in a public restroom or a gym, the guy next to you probably isn’t checking out your dick. If he is checking out your dick, so what? Who cares? You’re not giving him your dick, so what does it matter?

Men are bizarre. Women walk around locker rooms totally naked. Women breast feed all over the place and expose their boobs. They don’t care.

Men, on the other hand, seem to be a bunch of homophobes. So come on gentlemen, it’s time to get with the program.

If you’re naked, be okay with it. Remember that if you are naked your dick is playing “hide and seek,” that you might have some latent homosexual thoughts going on in your head that you need to check out.

As for me, I don’t care. I’ll walk around naked. I couldn’t care less who is looking at me, because I am sure of my sexuality. People who are not sure of their sexuality tend to cover their penis.

If that guy in the gym locker room is so homophobic and afraid of people looking at his dick, then why the hell was he walking around and shaving in a public bathroom naked? It makes no sense. He could have easily wrapped a towel around himself while he was shaving.

It would have been just as easy, but no he chose to walk around and shave totally naked. Do you know why? He wants guys to look at him, because he probably is a homosexual or does have some homoness.

That is a new word – homoness. I like that word. I think I am going to call all my gay friends and ask them how they feel about the term “homoness” versus “gayness.”

Gayness or homoness? Which one do you guys like better? I’m going to call my gay friends now and see what their vote is.