david-wygant-having-an-affair-with-married-man-300How many of you married men have had a mental affair?

You know what I’m talking about…

You meet a woman (maybe somebody you work with).

You e-mail her something casual.

Then at the end, you throw in a flirty compliment.

At work, the two of you are best buds.

She laughs at your jokes and flirts with you in ways that make you feel all warm inside.

And you’re doing it deep down because you really want a mental affair.

Maybe you’re in a relationship now or you think back to being in a relationship and having the mental affair.

As a man, you always need a woman who makes you feel really great.

When a man has a mental affair it means that he’s bored with the woman at home.

Or she’s not fucking him good enough.

Or they’re just not connecting in the moment as people.

There are so many different variables, but the fact of the matter is that the man is not satisfied in some way.

I have had mental affairs, plenty of them, so I know exactly what they’re all about.

So if you’re a woman and a man hits you up online or starts flirting with you, you know he’s all about having a mental affair—tread carefully. (But you can usually also use this to your advantage, because when a man has a little crush on a woman, he tends to do a lot more than he normally would do.)

If you’re a dude in a relationship right now, and you’re having mental affairs—be careful. Your girl might hack into your e-mail or check your text messages, and then you’re going to be busted.

Be smart, people.