future women dating advice david wygantLet’s start off today with a statement:

Nobody’s perfect.

You’re not perfect, I’m not perfect, and you’re never going to be perfect.

And that’s the beauty of life.

The way to really embrace life is to say, “As imperfect as my life is, it’s a perfect life for me.”

Think about that for a second.

“As imperfect as life is, it’s the most perfect life for me because it’s my life and I made all these choices.”

Every day when we wake up we make a choice on how we’re going to live our day, how we’re going to feel, how we’re going to act, and how we’re going to embrace people.

So think about yourself when you go out there on dates. What is the reason why you’re dating? Everybody you meet is going to have some sort baggage, some sort of crap, some sort of emotional block.

So we tend to date people based on their potential. Almost like we’re dating future versions of themselves that don’t exist yet.

We find mates who have the most amount of potential, with their personal bullshit at a level that we can tolerate.

We then look at their shit and help them sort through it as best as possible. We support and honor and love them—we allow them to be who they are in the hope that they grow and become a better person.

Because a relationship is all about helping each other become better.

So the next time you meet a potential new lover or partner, take a look at their crap and then ask yourself, “Can I help them through this. Can I help make them better?”

We usually attract people who share the same shit that we once had, or maybe that we’re going through right now. We channel and we bring people in our life for many different reasons.

I know this because my relationships often mirror current or past versions of me. Whether it’s somebody who is going through stuff now that I once went through, or is going through something that I’m going through now; we can go through it together.

That’s how you grow, that’s how you learn, and that’s how you become a better version of yourself; by giving back to others all the wisdom and knowledge, and the beauty of who you are.