I hear the same complaint from women all the time. “I’m dating a man-boy. I’m with a man who can’t keep up with me emotionally.”

So you ask yourself, “Are all men emotional little boys at heart? Do all grown men act like boys?”

Well, some men are like that naturally, but it could be you’re just attracting this kind of man into your life. When you start dating someone, you need to look at the relationship. Are you constantly mothering him? Do you show him how to do basic things? Are you talking to him as his Mother would?

There are men out there that are very emotionally immature. But there are other men who are strong, confident, and emotionally dynamic. What you have to do is look for warning signs of immaturity at the beginning of a relationship. Men present themselves emotionally exactly as they are. With men, what you see is normally what you get. If he gives the impression he’s emotionally immature, he probably is.

You might think you can change him, and if you really like him you’ll probably try. But ladies, you can’t train a man like you train a dog, and it’s not your place to mother him.

So you need to decide from the off whether you can cope with his level of emotional immaturity. If you accept him for who he is, you need to accept you’re going to be more of a mother to him, and less of a lover. If that sort of relationship makes you happy, go for it.

But if you’re looking for someone who can challenge you, and keep up with you emotionally then ditch him quickly. Remember, not all men are emotionally immature. I know this for a fact, because the guys who come to my boot camp are all very emotionally mature, and they all want to meet a woman on a much deeper level.

Deep thinking guys are out there ladies, you just have to know where to find us.