You come up with something really great- “Tomorrow night, I’m going to take you out to this really great restaurant.” You send them a text that morning, and you said “Hey, are we going to go out to this great restaurant? Really want to go out to this great restaurant.” And I’m using restaurant as an analogy there.

They don’t respond to it.

So finally, you send them a text a little later and go, “You know my buddies are in town, I’m going to out with them.” Then all of a sudden, about two hours later, right before you’re about to go out with your friends, she sends you a text and goes, “If you don’t take me to this restaurant tonight, and you don’t show up, we’re done. We’re over with.” They use guilt.

That’s what I call the guilters. There’s other times that the guilters will come in, too. You’ll be at dinner with a group of people because you’ve waited all day long for the person to call you back. You told the person that you’re going to hang out with her that night, but yet she doesn’t call you all day long, so all of a sudden, you’re out with your friends and then she texts you. And she says, “How come you’re not picking up the phone?” Well, I haven’t heard the phone ring because I’m out with my friends — you say in a text back.

Then all of a sudden they’ll go, “What do you mean you’re out with your friends? I hope you’re not at that restaurant you were going to take me tonight,” and of course you are at that restaurant because you wanted to eat there anyway.

So what happens next is that you say to them, “Well I happen to be there.” And all of a sudden she starts freaking out.

Dating And Guilt

She says “You were supposed to take me there tonight.” And then you text back — I’ve been texting you all day long, you never returned my text. And then she comes back and says, “Look if you really love me, you’ll leave your friends right now and pick me up.” But they never acknowledge the fact that they’ve ignored you all day long because they’re guilters. They know that they’ve been texted all day long.

They like to have complete control over you. It’s a power thing to them. They love to know that they have complete control over you.

A lot of women do this. And a lot of women do this. I call it vaginaitis. They truly believe that their vagina is more magical than any other vagina that’s out there. And they’ll threaten you that way sexually. They’ll tell you “Look, I am never going to sleep with you again, you’re disgusting, you’re fat, you’re whatever.” They’ll start insulting you. “You’ll never get another woman.” “No one will screw you like I screw you.” “Blah, blah, blah.” And they’ll do this all right after they decided that they wanted to fuck with you while you were having dinner with a friend.

So you know what my motto is to that? First off, I don’t believe in the power of the vagina because I truly believe that I have the power of the penis. Second, when I’m dealing with a woman like that, I like to basically spank her like a little baby. She’s a little toy. She’s a little kid.

So I like to punish her, and write this text back — and this is something you guys can use over and over again – “I offered to take you to this restaurant. For some odd reason or another, you decided to ignore my text. Now whatever game you’re playing right now, I don’t really enjoy it. If you’d like to have an adult relationship and treat each other as equals, then I’m open for it. But if you keep on playing these games, and you keep wanting to play this guilt game, then you can go find somebody else. So you know where I am. I’ll talk to you soon.”

Have you guys ever been plagued by the vaginaitis? Tell me about those stories today.