I was in line at the car wash today waiting for my car to be cleaned which, by the way, I do only on very rare occasions. I’m just a bad car owner.

Anyway, this woman comes out and starts talking to one of the guys who works there and says, “Everyone is sick. Everyone!” I am not sick. She was not sick. The guy to whom she said it wasn’t sick.

Nevertheless, according to her EVERYONE is sick. It just made me realize that so many people out there are over-exaggerators.

Ask someone how far away something is from home and they will tell you, “It’s a million miles away.” Really? A million miles? You’re going to drive a million miles?  Okay, sure.

Ask someone how good a restaurant is and they will say, “Everyone says it’s great.” Who is ‘everyone?’ Have you spoken to every single person?  

I also love when people tell you that everyone is sick — like the whole world is sick. Everyone on the planet is walking around sick.

These over-exaggerators are funny because they’ll over-exaggerate about everything. Everything.

How long does it take to get there?  According to the over-exaggerators, “Oh, at least ten hours.” Meanwhile, it only took two hours. They over-exaggerate about every little thing.  

Hearing so many people over-exaggerating made me feel compelled to write this blog. It’s not just that people over-exaggerate, it’s that these over-exaggerators come in all different shapes and sizes.  

An over-exaggerator goes out on a Friday night, and the next day you ask them, “How was your night?” The over-exaggerator will inevitably say, “Oh, everyone seemed to be having a bad time. Everyone thought it was a horrible party.”

Over-exaggerators somehow seem to know everyone’s opinion about everything and everyone’s state of being. Everyone is sick. Everyone had a terrible time.

So it was funny. Just as I was thinking about writing this blog, I sneezed (away from everybody of course). There was a woman about 25 feet behind me. She got immediately uptight and walked to the other end of the parking lot . . . because everyone is sick.

The bottom line is that it’s the over-exaggerators who are the people who usually get sick. They over-exaggerate themselves into sickness.