The terms “alpha” and “woman” should never be used together.

Let me explain why.

In today’s culture, men feel if they’re not an Alpha man. They’re not man enough to get the woman they want.

In my 17 years of coaching men in seminars and bootcamps, and one-on-one, every single beta man that has ever come to me, comes to me because they want to be an Alpha man. They want to be that dominant man in your eyes.

They want to be a man of decision.

They want to be the George Clooney or the James Bond to you.

They feel like if they are not an Alpha man, they’re never going to be able to turn on a woman.

Women have always talked about wanting and desiring Alpha men.

The world is wanting Alpha. In the animal kingdom, the Alpha Male rules the tribe.

But today, you hear the term Alpha woman over and over again. When I picture an Alpha woman, I picture a woman walking around with her penis.

Dominating men, controlling them, telling them what to do. Literally making men their bitches.

I picture Alpha men in the business world, telling people what to do, fighting against men. She’s literally the Alpha girl. She’s a superhero, she wears a cape, she’s got a giant A on it.

I picture an Alpha woman in bed, and if you don’t get her to orgasm, she’s going to give you hell.

I picture her at a restaurant, I picture her correcting you when you speak. I picture her literally micro-managing every bit of the relationship. That’s what triggers in my mind when I hear Alpha Female.

You want to know why men feel like they’re pussies now? Because women walk around talking about how they’re an Alpha Female instead of using softer terms.

Like successful woman.

Type A woman.

I am all about women being successful and doing what they love, running companies, running for president, I’ve got no issues with that at all, but when it comes down to the primal relationship side, the term Alpha needs to be a male term.

Dominant female, powerful female, successful female is great, but I think we’re taking it too far when we call ourselves Alpha females.

Me, I’m not an Alpha Female at all, but you notice I use the term us, because the word Alpha is really a male word.

We need to get back to some gender roles, and I’m not talking about the 50s and Mike Pence, and how he wants the world to be. I’m talking about femininity, sensuality, seductresses. You can make billions and billions of dollars as a female and buy your own house, and sports car, and everything else. But when it comes down to it, the gender roles need to be Alpha Male, strong powerful woman.

The male still needs to be the Alpha. He still needs to be the man, protecting the pack.

When I hear the word Alpha Female, I picture a burglar coming into the house, the Alpha Female waking up, grabbing a shotgun that’s under her pillow, walking in her bra and panties, and literally looking at the burglar straight in the eyes and going, go ahead make my day.

The burglar thinks that he’s just dealing with a woman, he laughs and raises his gun. The Alpha Female cocks the gun, and shoots the guy right in the head.

Alpha Female.

I picture the Alpha Female being this powerful, strong, masculine female.

You’re not that. You may be a strong, powerful female, and I’m all for that, but let’s save the Alpha terms for men, and just be the strong, powerful female. Be the successful business woman. Let’s not go overboard and use male terms to describe who you are. Because if you do, when I get you naked, I’m looking for your balls, and I’m looking for your penis, and I’m not looking to seduce you, I’m looking to see who’s got a bigger Johnson, and who can swing it harder.

So once again, the Alpha Female term needs to die. Strong, powerful, sensual, seductress is hot. You can run a corporation and be a strong, powerful, feminine seductress. Embrace your femininity, and don’t always be so masculine.