womanizerYou go out on a Friday night and hang out with friends for a while, but before long, you start getting a little antsy?

You’ve been with these guys for an hour, and there just aren’t enough women for you where you are. You start becoming less present. You text another friend and ask how their night’s going. You ask whether the bar they’re in is busy tonight. What you’re really asking is, are there lots of women there. You start hinting to your friends that “Joe’s Bar” is better than “Jim’s Bar” on a Friday night and you should go there.

You’re always going from place to place, yet you don’t experience anything because you’re always looking for the next woman.

Then you start dating someone. It’s all good to begin with, but within a couple of weeks, you’re picking her apart from head to toe. Maybe her thighs are a little too thick. Maybe one boob is a little bigger than the other. Maybe her hair is a bit shorter than you usually like. Maybe she’s 5’6” and you like your women 5’5”.

So you ditch her, and start seeing other women again. You start fixating on one girl in particular. You think, “I’ve got to have her.” Maybe you already cheated with her in your last relationship because you enjoyed the buzz. Now you want to pin her down for yourself. Does any of this sound familiar to any of you?

Maybe you have a friend like this?

If you’re constantly chasing women, here’s the solution…

You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I want intimacy, or do I just want to sleep around as much as possible?”

Because to get intimate with someone, you have to commit to them. Once you commit to them, you have to stop looking at other women. You have to stop thinking there’s something better for you around every corner.

You see, here is the truth…

There’s always going to be another woman better looking than the one you’re with. Just like, there’ll always be a nicer car than you’re driving, or a bigger house than you’re living in. You’ll always see a sandwich that looks nicer than the one you just ate.

It’s called “The Paradox Of Choice” and life has many choices. Life is all about understanding there will always be other choices. You have think carefully about what you want before you make any decisions. If you want true intimacy from a woman then great, find the one you want and commit to her.

But if you want to keep chasing women and keep chasing life, you need to be honest with people from the start. If you start dating a woman, tell her you’re not looking for a long-term relationship. Let her know you could be here today and gone tomorrow. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing life, and there’s nothing wrong with dating different women. As long as you’re honest and upfront from the beginning, nobody can accuse you of taking them for a ride.

Just remember, as the old saying goes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.