The other night I was talking to my friend Billie.

She’s a young, attractive woman in her 20s.

Billie was telling me about this guy that she went out with. She really fell hard for him.

She thought he was cool, hip, and everything nice.

This guy took her out for a great meal in Malibu on a bluff overlooking the ocean. She hadn’t slept with him yet, but she thought, “Maybe today’s the day.” Things went well that night but she nevertheless decided to hold off one more day.

The next day, Billie got a Facebook message from the guy, and in it he wrote:

I really didn’t want to do this over text, but I just need to tell you that I still have feelings for my ex. I really wanted to do this over Facebook instead of texting, so I hope you feel better about that.

Obviously, Billie was very upset. She wondered, “My god, he did this over Facebook? Is that actually better than a text? How ridiculous!”

Yes, he didn’t want to do it over text out of “respect” so he did it over Facebook.

Uh. . .

Wake the fuck up, people.

Wake up. If you like somebody, and you’ve been dating them, then you should want to talk to them—you should talk to them over the telephone.

Call them up and explain what’s going on, explain the situation, explain how things are with you and make sure they understand.

Facebook? That’s intimacy? Facebook? That’s more intimate than text? Don’t misunderstand me: Facebook is equally as un-intimate as text.

It’s also equally as chicken shit for breaking up.

Be a man. Step up.

If you don’t want to continue seeing somebody but you know they like you and you like them as a person too, get on the phone and stop being such a pussy.

What happened to real men nowadays? Why is everybody hiding behind technology? Why are the men such pussies today? Everybody seems to be hiding behind Facebook. Texting for breakups; emails for setting up dates—it makes no sense at all. These are great tools to use, but they don’t replace the real thing.

Talk to her. Step up to the plate. Don’t be that guy that all of a sudden leaves her hanging and wondering what happened.

Here’s the deal, folks: be decent. If you’re going to break up with someone, tell them on the phone or in person and leave the Facebook for your statuses about going to the gym.