Maybe after reading the first blog of the New Year, I may inspire you in a whole new direction this year.

Are you a woman who just can’t seem to ever pick up the phone to talk anymore? You’re constantly texting men, but you’re never actually connecting with men.

A male client of mine recently was dating a new woman. They dated for about four weeks, and the entire time they spoke on the phone one time. Why? She’d never pick up the phone. It was all texting to her.

He would call her. She would see the call but not pick up. He’d leave her a message and then she would text him back right away. Eventually he got sick of the whole thing. He even told her that she was way too text-reliant, that he’d like to hear her voice every once in a while.

That’s the problem with modern technology. Modern technology has given us a wonderful excuse not to connect with people. Oh sure, you think you’re connecting with a man because you send out some great little text in the middle of the day and he texts you right back with something cute. That sort of thing is great once in a while.

But in reality, when you’re texting you’re not having a real conversation. You’re not connecting with somebody. You’re really not experiencing the other person. If you’re dating a new guy, you really need to understand that you can mix things up a little bit. A little texting here and there, a little phone call, a little voicemail action, maybe some Skype or chat in the middle of the day.

Mixing it up in communication is such a great thing. When I was dating a lot of new women, it was such an amazing thing to come home, look at my phone, and see that I got three new messages. It was like opening a new present. I’d listen to them, and it would be a voicemail message from a woman I’m interested in, not some stupid text that I’d reply back to in another short text.

If you really want to get him intrigued, dial back the technology a little bit and leave him a nice voice mail. Allow him to hear your voice, because your voice is what’s going to turn him on and it’s what’s going to get him to look forward to seeing you. Your voice will intrigue him, and it’s such a great part of that whole cat and mouse game at the beginning of the dating process. The voice communicates so much more than a silly line of text. And the more he hears, the more he wants you. The more you can tease him verbally, the more he’s going to come back for more.