Are you a self-talker? Are you one of those people who, when you go out and meet people, can always find a way to turn any conversation around and make it about yourself?

Do you like to talk at people and dominate 75%-80% of the conversation? Or when you meet a group of people and the conversation is about something in which you are not interested, do you always seem to find a way to change the topic of conversation to something that does interest you (and something that will allow you to talk at people)?

Have you ever met a self-talker, or are you yourself a self-talker?

Self-talkers are the worst listeners in the world. All they like to do is constantly talk about themselves, their accomplishments, their achievements, their travels, their works, and whatever else about themselves it might be. They will manipulate every single conversation so it goes in their direction. They are some of the most irritating people in the world. When I run into self talkers I always look the other direction.

It’s funny how many guys (and women) will email me and say, “I joined this group or I was at this party the other day, and I just didn’t have anything at all to contribute to the conversation. Do you ever feel that way?”

If you don’t have anything to contribute to a conversation, it is because you’re not about listening and are a self-talker. It is because all you can ever do is talk about yourself, and you’re not listening to the conversation going on around you. Instead of adding to the conversation, all you are thinking about as you’re standing there is how you can change the conversation so it goes in your direction.

Self-talkers are the most boring people I’ve ever met. People who just talk at you for two hours straight are boring.

I don’t want to hear everything about you and your life. I just want to be able to participate in a conversation with a normal individual.

If you are a self-talker, then it’s time you really started listening to other people. Give the rest of the world a break and start listening and participating in a real conversation.