Someone asked me the other day what I thought about manliness. Here is the truth about manliness.

A real man walks over to a woman in whom he is interested. He gets to know her. He realizes that he is a catch. If he finds something attractive about her, then he asks her out and gets her phone number.

A real man will call her up the very next day (or even maybe that night) and set up a date with her, because he wants to get to know her. A real man doesn’t hesitate.

A real man makes decisions. Even when a decision takes time to make, once a real man makes that decision he sticks to it and stands behind it. I know sometimes it takes me a month or two to make a decision on certain important issues in my life, but once I make a decision I never waiver backwards.

I never think to myself, did I make the right decision? Is this the right decision? Should I have gone the other direction?

Sometimes it takes me two months to just buy a car. Once I buy that car, though, I know I’ve made the right decision and I don’t look back.

Sometimes it takes me three months to process something personal that’s going on in my life. Once I make a decision about it , though, I move forward and stick with that decision. I don’t go back and think about the other options I was considering.

A real man walks into a room and smiles. A real man walks into that room and talks to people that he finds interesting.

A real man walks through life knowing that he’s a success. A real man takes risks — business, personal, and everything else. He realized that even when he fails, it’s a lesson that he needed to learn and he embraces it.

A real man does not blame anybody for anything that he’s done, and just accepts things as they come along. More importantly, a real man protects the people that he loves, and is loyal to everybody that he loves.

A real man is loyal to his family. A real man steps up for his kids, his wife, his friends. He never leaves them hanging.

A real man picks up the phone when a friend is in need. A real man picks a friend up when he is in need.

This is what I feel a real man is like. Are you a real man?