Yesterday a friend of mine came over.

She’s an interesting woman.

I’ll tell you more about her another day, but she’s in the adult industry and it’s a trip listening to her talk about sex.

It really is. She’s just so matter-of-fact. It’s all physical, no emotions attached, just banging.

She’ll go out with a guy and they’ll look for another woman for a three-way. They’ll pick and chose the woman and they’ll bring her home and they’ll have sex with her.

Now some of you are probably thinking, “That’s cool. I want to do that.”

Well I’m about to tell you: I don’t like any of it.

It’s not me. I prefer to have soul sex. I prefer to connect with somebody, get to know what’s cooking inside her brain or heart, and find out who she is as a person.

I don’t like to just hump for the sake of humping. Now granted, when I was in my 20s I definitely liked to hump for the sake of humping. But even then, I still wanted to have some type of emotional connection.

I can’t get hard without that deep emotional connection. Sure I could probably borrow some popsicle sticks and prop my penis up—that’ll do the trick. But I’ve always been more of a lover than a humper and I need that emotional connection to get aroused.

I enjoy getting deep inside someone’s brain, their mind, and their soul, because I would rather make love than just fuck.

It’s who I am. I’ve always been about connecting that way on a deeper level, on a level where I enjoy them, spend time with them, get to know them, and build up that trust.

People that can build up trust very quickly together, often have incredible sex.  Crazy amounts of trust and connection are usually a great indicator for sexual connection.

That’s why it’s so interesting listening to my friend talk about sex. She is more wired like a guy than any woman I know. She just wants to get off and that’s it.

. . .

So today, let’s expose who you really are. Are you a humper or a lover? Let’s hear from all of you.

Guys: Do you just get hard solely at the sight of a woman? If a woman just walked up to you in a bar and said, “I want you to do me right now,” would you just get hard and do it?

Or are you more wired like me, where you really just want to connect emotionally with the woman next to or in front of you.

Let me know!