Deeper Bragging
By David Wygant

Have you ever met the man of your dreams . . . or maybe he’s the man of your nightmares? You know this guy. You’re on a date with him. He starts talking about himself. Then he starts bragging . . .

He starts bragging about the stuff he has. At first he might bring up the kind of car he drives. Then he may tell you about the house (or houses) he owns. He has even produced a movie. You sit there listening and nodding your head, while he hasn’t listened to anything you have to say.

Then, all of a sudden, he goes into another mode. He shifts from bragging mode into what I call “deeper bragging” mode. Deeper bragging involves talking about some of the super-great things a man has or has done. Perhaps he has a horse who won the Kentucky Derby four year ago. What a stud he is!

What a man in deeper bragging mode will brag about may vary, but as he continues to talk each thing he says escalates into deeper and deeper bragging. Mr. Deeper Bragging never listens, often because the woman that he’s talking to is young enough to be his daughter.

That woman doesn’t usually care if Mr. Deeper Bragging listens because he is just a meal ticket to her. The thing about meal tickets, though, is that they are often accompanied by wonderful repetitive cycles of deeper bragging.

With every sentence, the deeper bragging escalates in his efforts to impress this young woman. Really though, how hard is it when you’re a 50 year-old man to impress a 20 year-old girl? It’s not really too hard.

Mr. Deeper Bragging doesn’t get it though, because do you know what happens him at the end of the night? Mr. Deeper Bragging ends up all alone in his big house with his bottle of KY Jelly going from deeper jerking off to watching deeper porn on his 68-inch plasma television set.

Mr. Deeper Bragging has no clue that the key to meeting women is not just bragging. You have to lose the deeper bragging and learn deeper listening skills.

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