How strict are you when it comes down to your own set of dating rules?

Are you a dating “lister”?

Meaning, do you sit down and list all the things you desire in a person and then expect to put yourself out there and meet that very person?
Are you a person who has a checklist for things they’re looking for in a partner? Then at the end of each date, you go home and check off what that person did and didn’t do, or how they lived or didn’t live up to your expectations?

Dating and relationships are always a unique ride for each person. A lot of times you think you’ve found somebody great, they’re the perfect person, and then all of a sudden a few months into dating them you realize that they’re not for you.

How strict are you with your expectations of another person? And how many hoops do you need to make the person you’re dating go through in order to give them the gift of your love?
Check out today’s video and ask yourself if you are as stringent as this guy is in this video. If so, explain down below why you are.

What are your desires, your deal-breakers, and what can you tolerate? What are your negotiables and non-negotiables?

Let’s have a conversation today about how far you’re willing to negotiate when it comes down to things you desire in a relationship.
Let’s make this a great conversation!