Today is going to be a blog about the male “commodities brokers” in the dating world.

What’s up with all these men who keep getting busted because they can’t keep their dick away from the yum-yum? It’s amazing.

Look at all the high-powered men from Eliot Spitzer to Bill Clinton, and even back as far as Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick. Really, what’s up with men and their endless pursuit of the blow job or the new indecent woman?

The downfall of a man is always when their hand gets caught in the yum-yum cookie jar. Just look at Eliot Spitzer. He went from being New York’s Governor to being a scumbag who will always be remembered as the guy who was a customer in a busted prostitution ring.

I mean, men need to understand something: You are special and there are PLENTY of women to meet. With the right amount of confidence, you can go out and get any woman you want . . . and you can find some really cool ones too.

The problem with a lot of these high-powered men is that they’re addicted to the rush. They’re addicted to business. They’re addicted to lifestyle. They’re addicted to money. Women are just another commodity to them, so they use women and don’t respect women.

So a lot of these guys have a lover whom they use. It’s no different from anyone else on their payroll. What these men do is use women for their own sexual favors.

The problem in this scenario is often times the women are using them too. This is where it starts to get ugly, because there’s nothing worse than having a worthless whore. So all these men who go out there in the pursuit of having their dick sucked basically have their careers thrown away as well.

Throughout history, the downfall of some very powerful men has been their choice in women. They had a wife and kids, got bored, sought a lover . . . and found someone who actually could play the “commodities” game smarter than they could.

Living in Los Angeles has allowed me to see all sorts of women. Look at the recent TV shows, “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” Good show . . . and a lot of fun to watch.

If you saw and remember the last episode, the guys were feasting over the women who were just hot instead of picking the really amazing women. Look at the women these guys chose. One of them was, according to, an ex nude model, and the other one was actually an escort that you can get for $300 an hour. The rest of the women in the room were intelligent and interesting, but maybe not as hot as these other two.

No matter what, men will always go for eye candy. Similarly, these powerful men (male “commodities brokers”) think that because they’ve made money, that they have a right to and deserve the hottest piece of ass . . . exactly like they think they have a right to and deserve the hottest car, best plasma TV and the coolest phone. It’s no different to them.