I was at Whole Foods this morning, getting some breakfast.

And there was this woman at the orange stand, covered with tattoos from her shoulders down on both arms.

Immediately I thought to myself: does that make her a naughty girl?

We tend to think tattoos mean “bad-ass”, so if a guy has got tattoos, we think to ourselves, “He’s a bad-ass.”

If a woman got tattoos, we tend to think of her as a “bad-ass of women”, maybe a little naughty, maybe a little dirty.

But here’s the real, full-on truth about tattoos: they are not unique any more. I’m so tired of seeing them, it’s ridiculous.

Almost every single person you run into has one: the nerds, the bad-asses, the sluts, the prim and proper girls.

Nowadays, everybody is sporting a tattoo. There’s no individuality left in it anymore.

When this craze first started—the tattoo craze—I thought it would just be a fad that will pass. Now it seems like everybody under the age of 30 is sporting some type of tattoo.

The men now have their own version of the tramp-stamp—you know, the tramp-stamp is the little stamp on the back of a woman’s back. We used to call it the “tramp-stamp”, but men now have a tramp-stamp equal so maybe we should come up with a new name.

It’s when a guy has something like a giant bird or huge wings or a dragon that spreads across his upper back. That’s the male tramp-stamp.

There really is no individuality left in tattoos. Every single person has one. They’re getting old and tired. I know I’m tired of seeing them.

I don’t have one. Never did. Not that I’m against them, I just never thought of them as something I wanted to wear on a permanent basis. And I’ve got no issues against people who sport them right, which is to say that they got them because it suits their personality.

But I feel like a lot of people get them now for the same reason why people in the 50’s and 60’s started smoking in high school: because they thought it would make them cool.

Basically, modern tattoo-getters are no different than the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s people who smoked.

I’m cool, look at me, I’ve got a tattoo.

I get e-mails from young people telling me they can’t wait until they can get their own tattoo and rock it out.

Your going to rock out your tattoo? Rock on.

Or how about just rocking out your individual personality, and become that bad-ass, or maybe that inner naughty girl that you are, without rocking a tat.

Food for thought.