Do you feel like we have too much technology? Do you feel that there is too much information available? Do you feel like things are moving too fast nowadays?

Remember the good old days and how life was back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s? Things were done more on intuition. There wasn’t nearly as much information out there.

Nowadays you can get millions of different pieces of information and opinions about anything and everything, from how to get rid of a hangnail to how to raise a child — and have that at your fingertips in mere seconds. It used to be that if you wanted to know how to get rid of a hangnail, you would ask people you know how they have gotten rid of theirs. You used to learn how to raise a child by asking other people, and by using a lot of your own intuition.

Now with the Internet, you can always find somebody who will agree with you and your opinion on any topic. You can always find people who are on your side, and find stats that back it up.

The question nobody ever asks is from where these stats come. People assume if they see a statistic online, that is must just be true and accurate. People are funny that way.

Addicted To The Internet

If someone online says that 33% of people are healthier because they did x and y, most people just believe it. Nobody seems to dig deeper to find out the source of these statistics.

Maybe someone is just plain making it up. Maybe it is just a bunch of marketers manipulating data so you will believe in their product. Maybe it is just someone who is very opinionated and passionate about something, so they make up a statistic to validate it.

We used to be about instinct. Now we can’t even go to the bathroom without first looking on the Internet to find out the best way to do it.

Everything I teach you guys to do involves you learning to trust your instinct. It involves learning how to really understand yourself and trust yourself in every situation.

Life is really interesting. Friends of mine who had a kid got an iPhone App that allows them to check on their kid when they are away from home. These people don’t even trust anyone anymore. Why? They saw a story on television about nannies abusing kids which made them paranoid.

We have lost the innocence we used to have as a society because we don’t trust people like we used to in the past. We have come a long way in a lot of areas, but sometimes it is better to go back to your natural instinct and start trusting what resonates with you as a person.

That is what I teach. I teach you to trust your instinct and your gut, so you can live a fuller life as a less paranoid person who has not been affected by information overload.