You know, I’m not going to write that much about Valentine’s Day. What I am going to say about it is along the lines of what I talked about in last weeks video.

There is one big Valentine’s Day lesson I want all of you to learn. It is about how to make Valentine’s Day exciting for both sexes.

How do you do that? It’s very, very simple.

Men are extremely visual. Why do you think a lot of men go out and get their girlfriend lingerie on Valentine’s Day?

Women want to feel romanced. They do not necessarily want Valentine’s Day to just be dinner reservations. They want men to come up with something creative.
So to make Valentine’s Day exciting for both sexes, both sexes have to be thinking about what the other one wants.

If you are the woman, you can have a visual surprise for the man. It could be lingerie. I heard about one woman who dressed up as cupid for her man and shot him with an arrow.

It’s all about the visual of seeing you in a different light — seeing you in something sexy. It’s realizing that you have something sexy in store. You could maybe rub oil all over each other or whatever it might be.

What you want to do is something different than what he sees on February 13th and February 15th. It’s that simple.

For the men, you need to understand that what women really want is for you to just make a little extra effort on that day. That’s all, just a little extra effort.

Instead of just buying flowers, come up with something like I talk about in the video You could do a home picnic. Maybe light some candles all over the house.

It’s really all about really creating a different and romantic experience for her, so she feels like you went the extra distance that day to make her feel just a little more special. It’s not about the gift; it’s about the act of showing love. That’s really what does it for women.

So men are visual and women feel the act of love. The sexes are really very simple, but yet both sexes seem to screw up Valentine’s Day on a regular basis. Why? For no reason except ego.

The men don’t like Valentine’s Day. They think it’s too commercial; it’s a “Hallmark holiday.” They don’t see the need for Valentine’s Day because they feel like they show their love every day.

The women in turn don’t understand the need to make Valentine’s Day fun for the men. When you wake up in the morning, come out of the bathroom wearing a sexy little nightgown (instead of your old bathrobe) and put on some mood music. Do something to stimulate his visual side.

Play off each other’s wants and desires. It’s that simple. Play off each other’s innate personality traits on Valentine’s day and you both will have a more phenomenal day than you ever imagined.