Meet Women at the SupermarketHey guy’s it’s David.

So I was reading a blog post from my Head Coach and best buddy Brett the other day, and honestly, I was so impressed by it I wanted you guys to take a look. So once again, Brett, the floor is yours. Take it away!


It’s Friday night and you need food.

You ask yourself… “Do I really want to deal with going to the market? Maybe I’ll order in instead”.


Unless you have a smoking hot girlfriend waiting at home wearing a little outfit from Victoria’s Secret, get your ass to the market, now. That’s where all the girls are!

The supermarket is the best place to meet women!

Living in the suburbs, a trip to the supermarket is always a social occasion. Every trip I run into people I know, though some are more welcome than others. I always look forward to running into some of the many single MILF’s in my neighborhood. I actually plan my trips to the market during the times of day I know they’ll be shopping.

On the phone with a new client the other day, I told him to meet me (for the first time) at Trader Joe’s. I could hear the excitement trail out of his voice. He asked if we could go to the cool new bar that just opened in town; he heard it was “crawling with babes”. I said, “Nope. Trader Joe’s.”

When we met outside he looked less than thrilled. I asked him if he had ever been there before, “Every week for the past five years”, he answered. To say he had low expectations for our first session was an understatement.

The first thing we did was take a lap around the store. I told him to observe everything, and there was going to be a quiz when we were done. “Okay, what did you see?” I asked him after our lap.

“Produce, cereal, bread, a lady with two kids, frozen food, yoghurt, and milk”, he answered.

“Okay, tell me about the lady with kids.” I said.

“Skinny, brown hair. Seemed like she was trying to keep the kids from killing each other”.

 “Good. Anything else about her”? I asked.      

“I don’t think so… she had a nice ass”. He smiled.      

“Is she married or divorced”? He shrugged. He didn’t know.

 She was single, no ring.

“Judging just by her clothes and make-up, would you say she got ready to go out… or did she just throw something on and didn’t really care what she looked like”? I asked.

“Hmm, actually, she kind of looked like she got ready”. “Tight jeans, nice shirt, her hair was done, make-up…” he said.

“So, when you really look at her, she’s single with a nice ass, she’s hoping to meet someone and she’s not at a bar surrounded by guys hitting on her. She’s alone at Trader Joe’s with her kids that want to kill each other. How do you think she would have reacted to a handsome stranger like you chatting her up, engaging her kids or making her laugh?” I asked.

I could tell by his face he was beginning to see the light. He wanted to go back and talk to her, but she was already gone. He looked dejected. I explained to him if he really wanted to meet someone, a bar was probably the worst place to go. And he needed some serious work on his powers of observation.

Here was a guy that had been shopping at the same place for five years, and never noticed the opportunities that were right in front of him. Actually, when we were there it was kind of dead. Usually that place is filled with available hot women.

Younger, older whatever your flavor they are there. You just have to know how to see them, observe them and learn how to read them. Your first step to making an emotional connection.

Living in a suburb or small city gives you a huge advantage to connect with women. Use it! We all go to the same places over and over. There is comfort in familiarity. We’re sharing an experience, a neighborhood, a supermarket… our lives have similar rhythms.

Guys, do yourself a favor, next time you go to the market, open your eyes and see it for the first time. What you’re looking for is probably right under your nose!