If you want to give your mom a Mother’s Day she’ll always remember, make this Mother’s Day the one you meet your future husband or wife. Curious yet? Read on . . . cause this will be one Mother’s Day your mom will never forget!

I’ve got a brand new Mother’s Day tradition for all of you to start today. This will be the first one I’ve celebrated in quite some time, due to the fact that my girlfriend celebrates it. So by default I have now become someone who celebrates it too. The kind of Mother’s Day I’m celebrating, however, is the kind I think you should be celebrating.

As a little kid, my Mother used to remind me when Mother’s Day was approaching by saying something like “You know it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday.” I would inevitably respond by asking “So when is it Kid’s Day?”

My Mother would respond by saying “Every day but Mother’s Day is Kid’s Day!” So being the wiseass I was as a child, I’d respond “OK, then I’ll get you a present on Mother’s Day and you can get me a present for all of the Kid’s Days to show your appreciation to me for crawling through your womb X years ago.”

Also, if any of you grew up in a Jewish family with a Jewish Mother and a Jewish Grandmother, then Mother’s Day was always “When are you going to settle down and give me grandchildren (or great grandchildren) day.” Whenever my Grandmother or Mother would say something like that I’d always say “It’s not great grandchildren day, it’s Mother’s Day!”

You know, nothing would make your mother happier than if you would meet someone. So let’s start a new tradition for Mother’s Day.

Instead of taking your mother out to brunch on Mother’s Day, take her out with you to meet someone of the opposite sex. Every time you see a cute woman (or a cute guy), let your mother approach them, get their phone number and arrange the date. Hell, they do that in India so why not do it in the U.S.?

So let’s start a whole new Mother’s Day tradition here. Take your mother to Whole Foods and have her approach that group of cute women in the produce section. You could also take your mother to the gym and have her talk to that cute woman on the stairmaster you’ve always wanted too meet. It would work great . . . just point out who you like and have your mother do all the work!