How many times have you gotten frustrated with the person you’re dating?  You just feel like they don’t understand you.  You feel like you don’t connect with each other anymore, and like there is no more passion and fire left in your relationship.

Do you crave to get that passion and fire back in your relationship? Well, then, here are seven ways to keep the fire in your relationship burning:

  1. Don’t Forget Date Night: It’s been said a thousand times, but it’s true.  Couples who forget to go out on dates tend to look and treat each other like furniture in the house.  You need to have a date together every week.  Get dressed up for each other.  Go out to a restaurant, to a ballgame or even just to a park to take a walk together.  It doesn’t matter where you go as long as you do something different from your everyday routine. Then when you’re on your dates, you need to treat each other the exact way you did when you first started dating.
  1. Give A Proper Greeting: When your significant other comes home at night, meet them at the door and give them a big kiss.  Don’t just yell “Hey, how are you doing?” from whatever room you’re in when they walk in the door.  If you are the one coming in the door, go to wherever your partner is in the house and give them a big kiss.  Little gestures like this go a long way.
  1. The All-Important Kisses: When you wake up in the morning, make sure you kiss your significant other.  Forget about morning breath.  Who cares?  We’re talking about waking up and showing love from the second you get up in the morning.  This brings me to the second part of this.

Before you go to bed at night, make sure that you are connected with your significant other and that you kiss them goodnight.  You want the last thing you feel before you go to sleep to be love and nurturing.  We all want to feel loved and nurtured, and too many couples get into bed – each person on their side of the bed – and go to sleep without bothering to kiss each other goodnight.

  1. Break The Routine And Set A Romantic Intent: A big part of keeping the fire burning in a relationship is breaking the routine.  One of the best ways to do this is to set a romantic intent.  Light candles.  If it’s a night you normally watch television, why not light candles throughout the entire house before your significant other gets home?  You could also do something like drawing your significant other a bath or take a shower together.  Do something that will break your routine.  Those are the things that will really keep things burning hot in your relationship.
  1. The “No Special Reason” Note: Another great way to keep the fire burning in your relationship is to send your significant other little notes in the middle of the day just telling them that you love them or that you’re thinking about them.  With email and texting, this is so simple but yet so powerful.  You can even leave a quick voicemail.  That simple “I love you” message will make your significant other feel incredible.
  1. The Little Surprise: Everyone loves that little unexpected surprise.  So try leaving a card for your significant other in their bag or briefcase.  If you leave early for work, write and leave for your significant other a card saying “I’ll be thinking of you all day long” or “Last night was so fantastic!” or “I really love the way you and I are together.”  Write something simple but beautiful.  Write something that reminds them of great times.  That will absolutely keep the fire burning.
  1. Be There Even When They’re Away: If you travel without your significant other for business or other reasons, leave a little note for them in the house before you leave.  Even better, leave a series of notes for them to find and read on each day that you will be away.  If your significant other is the one who travels, put a little card in their suitcase and then also send them some seductive texts while their gone.  This lets them know you are thinking about them.  Keeping each other in your thoughts is one of the most important parts of keeping the fire burning.

It is not difficult to keep the fire burning in your relationship if you are willing to put a little effort into it.  It is the simple things that we all need and love, and which so many people over time forget to do.

We are so good at doing these simple things at the beginning of a relationship.  When we get settled into a relationship, however, we get comfortable and forget how important these little things are to keeping a relationship strong.

Keeping the fire burning in a relationship really is as easy as doing simple things like I talk about in this article.  It really is that easy.