Body languageHey guys

The weekend is here again!

Are you heading out?

If you are, I’ve got 4 (but very important) tips for better body language for you. And pay attention to them because believe me, body language makes a massive difference to the way women look at you. Poor body language can easily turn off a girl who would have been interested in you otherwise. If you’ve heard this before, you’re going to hear it again! That’s how important it is. So let’s get cracking shall we?

1. The String Method – When you walk into a room, imagine there’s a string attached to your head. Imagine it’s a string that runs right down your spine, and pops out the top of your head. Now when you walk into the room, you want to imagine someone pulling you UP by that string. Your head should be up straight, your shoulders should be back, and your whole posture should be strong. No slouching, and no rolling shoulders. Think a human rock hard erection!

2. The Power of Eye Contact – Do you trust people who can’t look you in the eye? Neither do women!

Make sure you keep eye contact as much as possible. When you’re asking a question or answering a question, look her right in the eye. If you look away when you answer a question, it makes it look like you’re lying. When you listen to her, listen with your eyes. Women are all about connection, and the easiest way to physically connect with a woman when you first meet is through your eyes. The other reason you need to keep eye contact is when you break it, she’ll think you’ve lost interest or find her boring!

 3. Smile! – A smile means everything. When you first meet a woman, or when you’re on a first date, you might feel nervous. The best way to beat the nerves is to smile. It shows you’re relaxed, and that’s the key to getting her to relax. The more you smile the better you’ll feel, and the more comfortable she’ll be with you. Obviously, don’t force it or you’ll look like some kind of mad stalker. It’s all about non-verbal communication.

Non-verbal communication is the key to life. I tell guys this all the time. Don’t spend so much time worrying about what to say. Devote some time to thinking about what you look like and how you’re holding yourself.

4. Lead Her And Watch Her Follow – When you lean in, she’ll lean in. When you lean back, she’ll lean back. When you stand straight, she’ll stand straight. Women are looking for men that lead. Leaders have good body language, great posture, and great eye contact. Keep an eye on how quickly she starts to mirror you. If she’s interested in you she’ll start following you immediately.

Lastly, don’t read into HER body language. Don’t worry about the way she moves her leg. Don’t worry about those little micro-movements she makes. You can’t tell whether she likes you by the way she taps her foot! Just worry about yourself because that’s all you ever can control.