sleeping together for first timeThe first few times you sleep with someone are some of the most awkward times in a relationship. I’m not talking about having sex here either. I’m talking about just sleeping over. The first time you share a bed with a woman. It doesn’t matter where you are in the relationship either. Even if you’ve been together a few months before you sleep over. That first night is one of the weirdest nights you’ll ever have. Here’s why…

1. What Noises Do They Make

When you’re sleeping with a new body for the first time, you don’t know what you’re going to get. Does she snore? Does she make funny little noises in the night? Maybe she talks in her sleep. You have no idea what you’re going to hear, or what this amazing woman you’re falling for is going to look like. She might be an ugly sleeper! You know the ones who sleep with their mouth wide open, dribbling, with their hair all over the place.

2. What If You Need To Fart

Face it. In the morning, most guys fart when they wake up. Sometimes we do it before we go to bed. When you’re in bed with a new woman, you can just let go like you would normally. You have to excuse yourself, go into the bathroom, turn the fan on to cover the noise, and fart!

Please guys don’t let it rip the first time you’re in bed with a woman because she’ll think she’s with Mr. Caveman!

3. Will You Toss and Turn

It’s tough in the beginning because you’ll naturally feel like tossing and turning. You want to break away, but you want to spoon. You want to hold each other, but you want to sleep. You want to get to sleep quickly, but you’re worried your moving around will wake her up. You don’t really know where you are when you wake up in the night and the person next to you is shifting around awkwardly.

In the morning, when you’re at home it’s enjoyable to go to the bathroom. You go, you take your iphone or your newspaper and take a shit.

We pee. If you’re in a woman’s house for the first time, you don’t want to disappear in the can for 20 minutes.

4. What About Morning Breath?

You want to kiss her in the morning but your breath stinks, or maybe hers does. Some women don’t care. Some men don’t care. It’s so funny the awkwardness of sleeping together for the first time. Seeing each other naked, and all those weird little moments. Embrace it my friend. It’s all part of the beauty that comes with connecting with a woman!