Dating Mistakes MenIt’s the weekend again. You’re about to head out with friends for another night of women hunting. That’s right. Packs of women followed by packs of men. Normally only one guy in the group is the slayer, and usually only one woman in her group wants a guy to slay her.

There you are. Driving around, going from bar to bar, looking for that one woman who will give you her number. You have your game head on. You’re going to flirt with as many women as it takes to find one who wants you. That’s where the mistakes start to come in. Do you want to know the biggest dating mistakes guys make on a night out?

Then read on…

Mistake 1 – Going Out Without Class Or Style

I don’t care if you’re dressed up to the nines and you look fantastic. I don’t care if you’ve moderated your drinking (which we’ll come to in a moment.)

What I mean by class, is doing what I see so many guys do on a night out. They see a bunch of girls they’re attracted to, and they do the rounds and hit on every single one. Don’t do it. Here’s why… The first one rejects you, the second rejects, the third rejects, and the fourth rejects. Now granted, I always say life is a numbers game, but perception counts for a lot too.

If you’re one of these guys that does rapid-fire approaches, what do you think the fifth girl you approach is thinking? Do you think she hasn’t seen you running around the bar hitting on all the other women? Do you think she didn’t see every one of them reject you? By the time you get to her she’s thinking, “Why should I bother with him if he’s only approaching me because all the others rejected him, and there must be something wrong with him anyway.”

You need to become a little more stealth in your approaches. Go into commando mode.

When you hit on a woman, you need to make it look very casual. It needs to look like you’re just talking and flirting. When you walk away from a girl, don’t make it look obvious she rejected you. I see guys slumping away from women, with their head and shoulders down. It stinks of rejection and it makes you look desperate.

Mistake 2 – Going From Place To Place

Going from bar to bar is never going to satisfy you. It’s just going to frustrate you. The best thing to do is commit to two places a night, and stay there. Just hang out and wait. I guarantee women will come into one of the two places eventually. Don’t go shooting from bar to bar, driving around town like you’re in the movie, “Swingers.”

It means you’re constantly searching and chasing the night. You never seem to find exactly what you’re looking for and it drives you nuts. Find a decent place and stay put. 

Mistake 3 – Using Liquid Courage Vs Genuine Courage 

The drunker you get, the dumber you get. You get angry, loud, and obnoxious. No woman wants to date a drunk. Now, despite what people think, I’m not against drinking. I just say, drink in moderation. Some of you need a drink to take the edge off your nerves and that’s fine. Find your limit, find the amount that gets you to a happy place, and don’t ever go beyond that. 

Mistake 4 – Save The Best Till Last

If I ever see any of you do this in public I will come over and slap you about the head. You’ve been chatting to a woman. The conversation ends, maybe you get her number, and then you head back to your group of friends and HIGH-FIVE them!

It’s so funny. You’ll see a guy walk up to his friends after getting a woman’s phone number and he’ll high-five them. How do you think that makes you look? When you walk back after talking to a woman, you start talking to your friends like nothing happened. No giggling, backslapping, or whooping. Show her you’re the man. Even if you’re celebrating inside, never let it show.

Be calm, cool, and collected. That turns women on because she’s evaluating you, and she’s watching you go back to your friends. The second you act like a bunch of drunk fraternity guys, is the second she doesn’t return any of your calls or texts. You just shot yourself in the foot without realizing it. So think about what you’re doing when you’re out. Don’t chase the night, don’t make a drunken fool of yourself, and you might not have to go home alone!