I was talking to my friend recently and he came up with a great idea. My friend is actually the guy who takes all my words, edits them, and makes them magical for all of you to read.

You see, I’m a creative type.

Matter of fact, I’m so creative that in the third grade my teacher looked at me, pulled me aside, and said, “David, you’re the most creative writer in our entire class. Your thought process is so quick. Everything you do is so interesting, but you’re absolutely terrible at punctuation.”

I was like, “So?”

She said, “You have to learn how to punctuate.”

So I said, “No, I have an editor for that.”

Sure enough, the guy sitting next to me in the third grade happens to be my editor now. And this brilliant editor has come up with a really amazing idea, something so profound that I think it might actually work: 30 days and 30 nights without Tinder or Bumble.

Can You Be Bumble and Tinder Free?

Think about it. 30 days or 30 nights Bumble or Tinder free. Here’s what I think about it and why:

We used to go and meet someone, be jazzed about them, be excited about them. And then we’d go home and we’d think about that person.

tinder addictionNow, we meet somebody, we’re jazzed about them, we’re excited about them, and then we go home and we check out our Tinder or Bumble account.

We actually go and check out Tinder and Bumble. Why? Well, because we’re always wondering if there’s somebody else out there. Somebody else that we might be a better match with.

Always Looking for Better Potential Match

We get home from dates and start looking at other online profiles. We sit around bored at work and we swipe and see if there’s somebody out there. We get excited by a potential match. As a matter of fact, we actually feel like we have potential matches. As we slide through the pictures, we see somebody we’re attracted to and we think, maybe they’ll match with me. We hold out hope that the person is actually going to match with us.

We’ve become addicted to online dating apps. Is Tinder really helping you meet women?

How about this? 30 days, 30 nights, no Tinder, no Bumble. Instead, go out and meet people – check out another post about places where you can meet women. And when you find somebody interesting, go home and think about them instead of going home and swiping some more. See what happens. See if your dating life changes. Take the Bumble and Tinder free challenge.