seduce her in your carHere’s a subject we’ve never really talked about: setting the mood in your car in order to make her desire you more.  Do you remember the first time you drove?

Do you remember getting your first driver’s license?

You couldn’t wait to pick up your girlfriend and show her the same old town but this time she’d be in your car. She was seeing the world through your car window. A simple piece of plastic can make you feel like a free man. I bet you showed your license off to anyone who would look. There’s a new sense of freedom when you’re behind the wheel. Wherever you want to go, however fast you want to go, the decision is up to you. This is why we’re car obsessed.

Modern cars are a real pain in the butt to make out in. There’s not much room in the front seat and there’s a hump between the two of you. It’s not as fun as it used to be. Here are a few tricks to make your car the romantic, freedom ride it used to be.

Your Car Should Reflect Who You Are

Take a look at your car. What does it say about you?  Is it a mess? Are there fast food wrappers, empty cans of energy drinks all over the back seat, receipts all over the floor, and are the seats stained?

What about the outside? Is caked in salt or barely visible under a layers of dirt?

I strongly suggest, in order to create the right environment, is to make sure the inside of your car is immaculate through and through. She wants to be able to sit down. Have you ever had to clear out a place in your car so a girl could sit?  Your pals don’t mind, but to a woman, a dirty car is a sign you didn’t think about her. You didn’t care enough about the date to clear the trash out of your car.

When a woman sits in a dirty car all she thinks about is the dirty house that you’re going to bring her to one day.  It’s an instant turnoff. Have your car clean and smelling good. This makes her feel immediately safe, and impresses her right away.

 The Soundtrack Sets the Mood

This is very important. Everything you do when you pick up a woman is going to be a future trigger point for her, and a future way that she’s going to start thinking about you. Laying the groundwork romantically takes effort. It takes a little bit of energy to paint the right picture of you.  So, when you’re picking her up, the music should be at a low volume, but just enough so she can hear it. It should be something mellow, something nice, something soothing and something relaxing.

No hard rock, no screaming rap, and no metal.

Anything that’s mellow is background noise. But, it’s something that she can relax and listen to or you can talk over the music. It allows her to set the pace without feeling awkward.  Music is important because she’ll remember you when she hears the song from the car the next day.

Be a Gentleman

Whether you’re picking her up or dropping her off always open the car door for her. By opening the car door, you’re telling her that you’re a gentleman. By telling her you’re a gentleman, you’re going to tell her that you were raised right. You’re saying you won’t embarrass her in public, you’re telling her you know how to treat a woman and that will get you far.

You should also walk her to the front door after the date. Get out of the car and open her door. Take her hand, escort her out of the car, and walk with her to the front door. Then you can end the night with a great hug or a kiss, if you’re lucky. Women are constantly evaluating you. They can’t help it, they’ve got options and they’re always making sure you’re living up to standards.

So, if the inside of your car is mess, if the outside of your car is a mess, if you don’t have good music, if everything is not working perfectly, you’re giving her reasons not go out with you again.  The little things work. Think about them next time you pick up a woman for a date.

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