how to meet women on twitterHave you ever wondered how to meet women on Twitter?

Have you even considered using Twitter to meet and flirt with women?

It’s actually a good place to practice your flirting and communication skills. Why? Because you only have 140 characters or less to make an impression. You have to be quick, confident, and you have to stand out from the crowd. Here are 3 simple ways to meet and attract a woman on Twitter…

Beware The Twitter Profile Photo

One of the problems with Twitter is the profile photos are very small. If she only has a profile photo you won’t have much to go on. Let’s face it, most women look attractive in small pictures, especially if they pick a good one. I’m not saying choose women on looks alone of course, but just don’t fall in love with your fantasy of what this woman looks like.

When you actually meet her, she might look completely different in which case you could be disappointed. Here’s a little tip for you in fact. If you’re flirting with a woman on Twitter that only has a very small profile photo, try cross-referencing her on Facebook to see if she has photos there.

Don’t Believe Everything They Say

They might be hitting you with some of the most witty and flirty messages ever. They could be painting themselves as your fantasy woman. Don’t buy into anything until you’ve actually spoken to her on the phone. Again, she might come across as the most amazing woman on the planet, but when you finally speak, you could discover you have no chemistry at all. Once again, don’t fall in love with your fantasy of this woman. Its just mental masturbation and it’s no good to you.

Another good way of “checking out” what this woman is saying to you is to have a look back at her past tweets. Are they consistent with what she’s telling you. If she tells you she’s a swimwear model, but all her past tweets are about how she “had a bitch of a customer at her checkout today” then you know you could be dealing with a faker.

Get Her Offline And On A Date

Twitter is a great place to meet and flirt with women, but you need to get them off the social media sites as soon as you can. Get her number and have an actual conversation with her. Don’t just text or email her. That’s just another version of social media. You want to get a feel for what she’s like and you can’t do that with actual conversation!

Once she’s on the phone, close her for a date as soon as possible. If you don’t you’re just going to become text buddies, which is pointless. Ask her out and see if you have any chemistry. If you don’t, you can move on without wasting too much time. Lastly, use Twitter as one way of meeting women, but don’t let it become the only way you meet them. You could spend hours looking at tiny profile pictures on Twitter, thinking of funny things to say to women. Or you could get your ass to the supermarket, or the bookstore, or the coffee shop and in a few minutes have a date for that night.

It’s about time management folks. I’m not saying don’t date on Twitter. I’m just saying don’t get sucked into spending all night behind that computer screen!