first_date_seductionSomeone asked me an interesting question this morning, and I figured it would make a great blog topic. It’s something most guys freak out about, and end up screwing up because they end up stuck in their head…The first date!

Or the boyfriend audition as I call it!

So what was his question?

How do you know a girl is having a good time on your date? What signs should you look for so you know you’re doing all the right things?

You guys love signs and signals. You need to see some kind of reaction from a woman to tell you it’s OK to approach her, or that she’s cool for you to go in for a kiss, or she’s enjoying your company. But what signs are you looking for? I hear guys talking about hair flicks, and all kinds of body language cues you can look out for, but I’m going to give you 3 very simple signs your girl is enjoying herself on a date

She Barely Eats

Obviously, you can only gauge this if you’re out for dinner or eating at your place. But I’ve been on dates where the woman I was with, literally forgot to eat. You’ll look at her plate or bowl and it will still be full of food. It’s not because she’s not hungry. It’s because she’s engrossed in everything you’re saying. Either that, or she’s a little self-conscious about eating in front of you. Either way, it’s a strong sign she’s into what you’re doing/saying. If a woman is more into you than her food, it’s always a good sign.

She’ll Talk About Connection

Normally when a woman is enjoying your company, she’ll say something like, “I haven’t connected like this in a long time.”

She’ll use female friendly terms, and mention how, “Interesting you are” and that, “It’s so nice to meet a man who can talk about things that are deeper.” She’ll ask you questions, and listen intently to your answers. It’s almost as if she’s hanging on your every word.

Her Eye Contact Will Be Intense

If a woman is attracted to you, and enjoying her time on your date, her eye contact with you will be constant and intense. She’ll rarely look away, and sometimes it will almost be like she’s gazing into your eyes. When she holds eye contact with you like this, make sure you reciprocate. Remember, she’ll be looking for signs of attraction in you as well, and if you can’t look her in the eye it signals to a woman you’re not trustworthy.

Something else you should look for in a woman’s eyes is her pupils. One well-researched sign of attraction is dilated pupils. If she’s not just enjoying her date with you, but also feeling attracted to you, you’ll probably see her pupils widen when she’s looking at you.

Look for any of these signs on your first date. She may give you all of them. She may only give you one. She might not give you any. I know you all like signs, but instead of wondering what her hair flick means, or what she meant when she talked about her ex not understanding her, concentrate on being yourself. Concentrate on being your authentic self, and having a great time on the date, and if you spot any of these signs then great.

In the meantime, in my program “First Date Seduction” you can actually watch me on two live first dates, and see how I spark attraction in her, gauge her interest in me, and then how I start to escalate things until she starts flushing up and opening up in some very interesting ways.

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