think with your penisRight now, I want you to look at your cock. I’m serious. What do you see?

The penis is one of the dumbest creatures on the planet. It’s best friends are two nuts and it lives right next door to an asshole. There’s nothing smart about your penis, and if you let it, it can ruin your life. Here are 3 reasons you need to stop listening to your penis…

1. It Has a Mind Of Its Own

You can be completely exhausted, but if a girl is lying next to you on the bed and starts touching your penis, it suddenly wants some action. Even though you’re dead tired and want to rest, the penis is nagging you, “Come on I need to get in there!”

What else does the penis do?

You’re about to have sex with a girl. She doesn’t have any protection. Neither do you. Does the penis care? Nope. It’s going in regardless. Doesn’t matter how dangerous it is. Your penis gets in, your head starts to feel great, and whatever you should be doing, your penis is telling you, “Hey you’re getting laid right now. Worry about catching an STI tomorrow.”

2. It Costs You Money

How much money have wasted over the years on lube, porn, lap dances, and dates that didn’t translate into anything. The penis takes control of your wallet. You go on a date, you spend a fortune, all your worried about is getting her back to your house. Your head is going, “No I don’t want to do this.” But your penis is saying, “Yes, we’re going to do this.” It starts driving you nuts!

You wake up in the morning alone and your bank balance has taken a huge dip.

3. It Runs Your Life

Your penis is ruining your daily life. If you want to connect with a woman, you have to tell your penis to shut the hell up. Don’t invite her to your house. Give her a hug and tell her you’re looking forward to seeing her again. Don’t let your emotions be controlled by your penis.

You can’t do that anymore.  You need to take control of your life.  You need to take control of your dating.  You’re not being a pussy by not sleeping with her on the first date. In fact, you’re actually attracting her more because you’re becoming mysterious to her.  You’re showing her that you’re different than all the other guys (run by their penises).

You’re acting differently.  She’s thinking to herself, “This guy is different.  This guy didn’t try to jump me on the first date.  This guy actually wants to get to know me.  This guy knows how to build sexual tension.”

She’s more curious and more turned on about you than you can ever imagine… until you listen to your penis.  I see guys in the restroom at bars all the time and they’re talking to their dicks — “You think we’re going to get touched tonight, man?”


Stop listening to your penis, and start using your brain! You’ll get a lot more action.