It’s amazing in that today’s modern culture that we have the opportunity to be consistently aware of where somebody may or may not be.

It’s fucking creepy.

So today I’m going to give you three simple, quick reasons why you never should ever cyberstalk.

1: It Will Literally Drive You Insane

Besides the obvious that it really is not healthy, I’m going to tell you right now what cyberstalking does to your own mind.

Being constantly aware somebody is or looking at their Facebook or social media feeds and seeing what they’re doing will constantly create stories inside your mind. Stories that are very dangerous because they’re stories based on what you perceive to be instead of what it is.

I’ll give you the example of Jim.

Jim was a client of mine.

When he was away from his girlfriend, he would look at her Instagram account and he would create stories about what she was doing.

Who was that guy she was with?

Who was that person in the background?

Jim obviously already had issues in jealousy. And what cyberstalking will do will create and fortify those issues of jealousy and make them even more intense than they already are or they should be.

So, do not look at someone’s social media feeds.

2: It gives you TOO much information

Don’t google somebody before you meet them.

Allow the beauty of meeting a total stranger for the very first time to be exactly what it is: an organic meeting between two people.

When googling somebody ahead of time, it allows you the opportunity to create a story about what you perceive someone to be. If you perceive them to be something, then of course you’re going to find something.

Which leads to number three…

3: You have to create your own stories

Allow the stories to be created between two people. Allow each one to be an untold story.

Finding an old story about somebody or learning about somebody they once dated, or something they once did, doesn’t meant they didn’t learn that lesson.

Google them and the search engines pick up many different things, and the fact of the matter is that just because somebody was an asshole five years ago doesn’t mean they are right now.

Allow their life to unfold in front of you, because that’s the magic of what dating and relationships are all about. People grow from their past experience. People learn from their past experiences. People embrace past experiences. If you’re reading a one sided story about past experiences, then you’re literally reading a story that may or may not fit whatever paranoid fear or whatever things you are looking to do .

So embrace it and be open to the magic of who somebody is and how they present themselves.