ugly-guy-hot-wife-david-wygantWomen are confusing.

How does that make you feel?

Women do all of the things that we (men) don’t do.

First off all, they always fall for the wrong type of guy.  They always pick the guy that’s bad for them and they constantly go to that wrong guy over and over again.

They also are so much more dramatic in the way they speak and talk.

They could tell you a story about a friend at work that will just drive you absolutely nuts because it never seems to go anywhere.

That’s the way women are. They are more complex than we are, they are more confusing than we are, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t understand them.

It’s actually quite easy to understand them.

And it’s even easier to seduce them once you figure out what they are all about.

Most men don’t take the time to do that.  Most men spend so much time memorizing, learning how to “pick up”, that they don’t even study the subject matter: women.

If you were a football player would you play your opponent without looking at their game film, breaking it down and seeing their tendencies?

Only if you were okay with riding the bench.

So let’s look at the three ways to break down game film on women.

1. Watch a romance movie.  

Any romance movie will do: anything from Nicholas Sparks, any Drew Barrymore, any Kate Hudson romance comedy.

The Notebook.

‘nuff said.

2. Read a romance novel.

Go read 50 Shades of Grey and dig into it. Because these books are all about how to build sexual tension, written for women.

Women read these books, get turned on and wonder how a man they meet—in real life—is going to build the sexual tension this way.

3. Read Girly Magazines.

These articles, they are written for women.  Read about what they want, they are full of sex, romance, how to get the man, how to understand man, how to be sexy for a man, and how to break through fears.

. . .

Basically, immerse yourself in women, learn everything about how they think and what they want.

Do that, and your dating life will change drastically.

I guarantee it.