Gentlemen, start your engines.


Isn’t that the Indianapolis 500 race that’s going on this weekend?

Well, I have no interest in watching a bunch of cars spin around a racetrack. How could it get more boring than that?

But yet it seems to captivate many people.

Have you seen the women at those events? Oh, man. Full of tattoos, with their ta-tas bouncing in their little tank tops.

It’s full of women everywhere.

It’s Middle America’s version of the beach, so I can see the allure.

To you guys on the coasts or on the lake or for you guys that live near rivers or pools: this is bikini season, and all of you are about to make the most critical mistake on the very first weekend of summer.

You’re going to see a woman in a bikini that you’re attracted to and you’re going to do what so many guys do: stare at her and fixate on her and scare the hell out of her and not talk to her.

Basically, you’re going to spook her and you’ll have no chance to redeem yourself.

You know what I do when I see a woman in a bikini?

I walk over and I claim her, and I do it the instant I see her.

I check out her bikini, check out the way she looks, look at her lines and curves, her breasts, her ass. I take it all in really quickly and then I count to three in my head and I say, “There is nothing to fear. I own her. She’s mine, and I’m going to go see if she’s worthy of me.”

I walk directly over and I look at her and I’ll say something based on whatever observation that comes to my mind.

“Can I borrow some suntan lotion?”

“What kind of beer is that you’re drinking?”

“Hey, you want to play some ball?”

I’ll say anything.

And when I talk to her I’ll look directly in her eyes and I’ll ignore that incredible little polka dot bikini top that makes her breasts ever so perky and succulent.

I will keep eye contact the whole time when talking to her. That’s what a man does. A man doesn’t stare, a man doesn’t elbow his friends, a man doesn’t look at her tits while having a conversation with her.

And that’s it.

It’s so easy.

Summer can be dangerous with all the clothes coming off and skin showing and skirts shortening and breast bouncing…it can be stimulation overload, guys.

But you need to be strong, confident, and focused while remembering to just have fun.

If you can do that, you’re going to have an incredible summer.