It’s a new year, it’s a new you.

Well, we all know you’re not baby new year, and you weren’t born on January 1, 2017, which makes you a new you.

But partly what you can do, especially in the beginning of the year, is set an intent to break up with everything that doesn’t work for you.

Here is some advice on doing just that.

1. The amazing beauty of breaking up.

Look at all the relationships in your life that no longer serve you.

The friendships that ran their course.

The work relationships that are no longer working.

The people in your life that you feel the need to talk to only out of habit, but not out of desire.

What I tell everybody to do in the beginning of 2017, or any year, is to go through your phone book and delete. We’ll get to that in point number two.

But take a look at the people in your life that are no longer bringing you joy or happiness. I don’t care if you’ve got a history with them and you’ve been friends with them since the third grade.

I don’t care if your daughter plays with their daughter.

You go to dinner parties and you’re around people you don’t want to be around.

That leads us to number two:

2. Obligation friendships.

Obligation friendships are the worst friendships because they suck your energy dry. Every time you’re around that person you feel energetically depleted.

You do not want to be around them, but yet you have an obligation because of what we talked about above.

There is no obligation. You’ve got to eliminate the obligation. Your life is short. If 2017 was the last year of your life (and who knows, it might be for some of you who are reading)…

Would you want to spend it in obligation friendships? Would you want to spend it with people who you have a history with, but no longer want to be around?

That leads me to this.

3. The power of delete, delete.

You need to delete, delete every single person in your phone book that no longer serves you as a friend. You can keep them on Facebook and have that obligation friendship on Facebook, where occasionally you like someone’s comment, which I still think is a waste of energy and time. But if you feel the need to still stay connected to somebody, then leave them on Facebook and leave them in a virtual world. But when it comes down to your physical time

I want you to only spend it with people with people who bring you joy and happiness. People who support you, support your life and your dreams and your aspirations.

You’ll find your list of people will be really small, and you’ll find that you’ll spend more time home alone than you normally would.

But to me, the home alone time is great.

It should allow you catch up on your reading, watch a movie, relax, get into your own thoughts and be okay with that.

I remember nights when I used to go out with the delete, delete people and people who I never wanted as friends anymore and I would always feel like I would have this night of just thinking to myself, why am I doing this again?

Delete, delete. Delete them all. Only be with people in your life that bring you joy. I’ve got the same people I call over and over again. Why? Because they bring me joy. I’ve got acquaintances and friends that I connect with sometimes. They bring me joy. But there’s nobody in my phone book that brings me angst, no fake friendships, no days or lunches of duty.

You have to leave the duty lunches and the duty dinners behind and only spend time with people that bring you joy. That is the best way to start and be in the new year. Welcome to the new baby new year, you.