get to know david wygantToday, I thought we’d take a break from the heavy dating discussions.

I thought it was time to have a day off from talking about why a relationship didn’t work out, or why you’re too short to meet women. Today I thought we’d actually open up a little bit and do a 10 things we don’t know about each other post.

I’m going to give you 10 fun facts about me, and then down below I’d like you to give everyone 10 fun facts about you. Tell us about any 10 quirky or interesting little things that make you who you are. Here are my 10…

1.  I Talk To Myself In Elevators

I don’t know what it is, but when I’m alone in an elevator, I just like to communicate my thoughts aloud.  Unfortunately, sometimes when I’m talking to myself in the elevator, the door opens and someone walks in. Immediately you can see these people thinking, “This guy’s been talking to himself in the elevator.”

2.  I Start My Morning Reading Jet Articles

No matter what time of year it is I start my day the same way.  I’m always looking at Bleacher reports, and reading articles on the Jets. In fact, I read just about any other NFL article that’s out there.

3. I Only Follow One Sport

It’s football. I play fantasy football, and I usually end up eliminated from the playoffs in the first round!

4.  I Work Out In The Mornings

I prefer working out in the mornings to the evenings.  I like to work out to get my day started. I like to work out around 11:00am, and I’m pretty much un-showered every day until about 1:00.

5.  I Love Cooking

I’m into cooking right now.  I used to go out and eat every single meal.  Now I actually prefer to cook. So I’m cooking just about every single day. It’s a great skill to have.

6.  I’m Into Diets

I like the paleo diet.  I wish I could eat more carbs though.  My blood sugar tends to go a little too high when I eat carbs.  So in turn, I have to eat paleo, which makes me too skinny at times.  Until I find out exactly how to keep the weight on in paleo, because it’s actually better for my blood sugar, I have to continue to eat that way.

7.  I Have Amazing Friends

I have friends for all different things, and my friends mean more than anything in the world to me. In fact, one of my best friends in the world edits the blog, and does a lot of my promotional work.

8.  I Don’t Really Surf Online

I love eBay, because I constantly like to run searches for vintage watches or clothing that I like.  But I really don’t do much web reading. I read ESPN, NFL, eBay, and that’s really about all I ever go to, except for my online banking.

9.  I’ve Lived In L.A For 15 Years

I’m tired of it. I’d like to start fresh and move somewhere else, but I don’t really know where I want to go. I need a lot of sophistication, and I’ve been living in cities my entire life.  I don’t know if I could go and live somewhere that’s going to be real simple and easy.  I’m not sure if I’m going to resonate with the lifestyle.

10. I Love Making The Most Of My Time

I’m constantly making the most of my work time, so my free time is plentiful.  I usually do my blogs while I’m driving.  I figure if I’ve got to drive and do errands in Los Angeles, which takes four times the amount of time a normal errand should take, I might as well be productive so I’m constantly dictating.

Now it’s your turn to share 10 quirky things about you.

Some can be personal, some quirky, however you want to go.  But it would be interesting to get to know one another today on a totally different level. No bitching about the rules. No complaining about dating or trying to get advice about dating.  Let’s just have a little light-hearted fun.