Your family loves you.

You’re fun at work.

Everybody wants to hang out with you.

You’ve got this personality that people like.

But for some reason, when you talk to women you become the world’s most boring man.   

When you approach a woman, you always wonder what to do, what to say next, and how to get her to like you.

You’re constantly thinking, “Why can’t they like me like the guys at the office like me?”

You’re really actually good at talking to women you’re not attracted to.

No problem communicating with them, talking to them, actually flirting and having fun.

But, when it comes down to the real hot, sexy girl you want to meet, you become the world’s most boring man.

The reason why you’re doing this is because you’re talking to women like they’re aliens.

That’s right.  You’re treating the hot ones different than the other ones.

Do you want to know a secret?

I talk to everybody the same.

Oh yeah, you heard me right. I talk to everybody the exact same way.

Here’s the deal.

Women—whether they’re pretty or not—all think they’re attractive.  So, if you could talk to the ones that you don’t think are attractive, you could talk to the attractive ones.

Think for a second.

The woman you spoke to today that you didn’t find all that attractive, when she woke up this morning she didn’t say to herself, “God, I’m so ugly.  I hope a guy can talk to me.  I’m such an ugly girl.  I really am.  I’m ugly.  I’m ugly.  I’m ugly. “

She doesn’t think that way at all.  What she’s thinking is, “I’m hot. I look good.  Guys are talking to me. “

Here’s the deal, guys: if you have good communication skills, and you can talk to women you’re not attracted to, you could talk to the women you are attracted to just as easily.

It’s about getting out of your head.  See, you’re a man that’s inside his head constantly.  You’re constantly, mentally masturbating trying to figure everything out: how to talk to women, how to meet them, how to get the hot one.

You’re just not communicating.  And, you’ve got to learn how to become a great communicator and overcome that fear—that fear that you have of talking to beautiful women.

It’s all in your head.

You’re a lot better at this thank you think you are.