Here’s one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever hear in your entire life.

It’s a known fact the reason why you are who you are in your life right now is due to your parents programming your subconscious mind throughout your entire childhood.

Without me going even deeper into this, let’s just basically break it down for what it is:

You have a tape recorder playing in your head that’s in your voice.

It’s a continual loop of things that aren’t even your thoughts.

You don’t even know why you’re insecure in situations.

You don’t even know why you act certain ways.

But what you can do right now is thank dear old dad and dear old mom for fucking up your subconscious programming.

Here’s the deal:

I don’t want you to thank them, I want you to embrace them.

I want you to have a sit-down with your parents, and I want you to ask them things you’ve never asked them before.

You know all those things that are festering inside your brain:

“God, if Dad was just like this when I was growing up, maybe things would have been a little different…”

Or, “If Mom treated me this way, maybe it would be a little different…”

I want you to step up to the plate, I want you to call your parents, I want you to have a sit-down with them, and I want you to ask them, as an adult, why they acted certain ways.

You see, my brother died when I was three, so my mom went into an emotional coma and my dad never spoke about it.

All I have is my mom’s version of it, that’s it.  But you know, my mom went into such an emotional coma, maybe it made my father become a certain way too.  Who knows.  And it changed everything and the whole dynamic in my family.

My father passed away some time ago, so my brother and I were talking today, and we were wondering what it would be like to have a sit-down with him and asked him how he felt after Mark passed away when I was just a little kid. You know, to get his version of the story.

You’re an adult now.  Sit down with your parents as an adult and try to understand why they fucked you up in certain ways, and then let it go, and start living your life.  Get rid of all the things you have in the past with your parents, and start moving forward, and start accepting them as an equal adult.