We don’t talk about one-night stands that often. Let’s talk about them from the women’s side today.

When it comes to one-night stands for women, I say go for it! Go have a one-night stand.

They’re amazing for your sexuality. They’ll make you feel free. You’ll have a blast, and I want you to do it with no guilt.

If you choose to have a one-night stand, just pick a guy and have fun. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t allow your friends to judge you.

Sex is something about which we need to be free and open. We need to stop judging ourselves, and start experiencing ourselves.

To the men, if you have a one-night stand with a woman — if she allows you to have a one-night stand with her — don’t judge her. Just thank her for sharing an amazing night with you.

Give her the option of whether or not to do it again with you. If she chooses you to have a one-night stand, just say “That was a great night. I don’t know if you want to move forward and do this again, but I’d like to.” If she declines, thank her for a great night and make her feel wonderful.

So, if you have a one-night stand with somebody, let the other person feel great about it. They chose you for that one-night stand because they thought you weren’t going to be an asshole at the end of it.

The next time you have a one-night stand, thank the person for a wonderful evening. You never know. You might get another one-night stand with that person a few days later.