As you know, 95% of the time in this blog I will be giving men advice on how to successfully connect on a deeper level with women. But I do get a lot of women readers, and I was asked this question the other day that I felt I needed to address: “David, If I stare at a man, won’t he think I’m coming on to him?”

You know what my answer was to this? So what!! Men are not wired like women. We don’t think about every little, tiny thing.

If our ass itches, we itch it. If you we have to blow our nose, we blow it.

We don’t wonder why our ass itches. If a woman’s ass itches, she wonders “Why does my ass itch? Did I do something to make my ass itch? Did I eat something that made my ass itch?”

Women have to find out why for everything they do. “Why does this guy like me? What does this mean?” It doesn’t mean anything!!

You have to think like a man! If you like a man, stare at him. Speak man! Be obvious.

We need you to be obvious. If you’re obvious, we’ll walk over like a puppy dog.

We don’t want to sit there and think all night long and wonder what you’re casual glance means. We want you to smile at us, talk to us.

We’re not thinking if you look at us that you’re easy. All we’re thinking is that you’re looking at us. We almost want to high-five you!

So women – if you want to meet men, get your head out of your ass! Start staring and be obvious!! You’ll have more men coming over than you’ll ever want to date.

If you want to be coy, you won’t get the boy. If you’re tired of going home alone every night, nothing is going to change until you change your energy.

If you want to meet men, what I suggest is start thinking like a man! Start listening to the advice that I give to men. Start listening to some of my podcasts. Listen to how I teach men to overcome their fears, and you’ll learn so much about overcoming your fears.

Last question: When’s the last time you saw a man you’re attracted to, you took a risk, smiled at him, and made him come over with the powers of your sexuality? If it’s been longer than a week, then you’re not doing it right.

It’s time to stop listening to your mother’s crappy advice, and the even crappier advice of some of those horrific books. If a man doesn’t come over and talk to you, it’s because you did not know how to bring the man over. Start taking responsibility for your own dating life, and you’ll start improving it immediately.

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