So what happens if you’re really jumpy? You know what I mean by jumpy.

You’re out in public and you hear a loud bang, or you hear someone yell “Hey!” and it startles you. You’re just always on edge, and you always feel like you’re on edge. You just feel like you can’t relax no matter what.

The reason why you can’t relax is because you’re in your head so much. You’re always thinking.

You’re always thinking about what you don’t have in life. You’re always thinking that other people are judging you or criticizing you. This makes you jumpy because you feel like the world is against you.

For some odd reason, you feel like it’s you against the rest of the world. That is so wrong because, in truth, the rest of the world doesn’t give a shit about you at all. The rest of the world is not thinking about you, obsessing about you or talking about you. Nobody is talking about you . . . ever.

Despite what you have conjured up in your mind, when you walk into a college classroom, all of the girls don’t start talking about you. They don’t start whispering to each other, “Look who’s here – jumpy boy.” When you walk into your office, everyone is not talking and whispering about you saying, “Look who’s here, insecure man.” When you walk into Starbucks, the barista behind doesn’t turn to the barista next to him and say, “Oh my God, there’s the guy girls always blow off.”

Do you know why people THINK any of these things are actually happening? It is because people are so self-absorbed and they only think about themselves.

Other people are not thinking about you or worrying about what is happening in your life. They are thinking about themselves just like you are thinking about yourself.

So if you are jumpy and cannot relax, you need to get a physical outlet. Go dancing, do a yoga class, go for a run or go workout. Do something to calm yourself down. Go for a long hike or walk. Get a cat or a dog.

Do something that will relax you. That way, when you go out you will always have a feeling of relaxation about you and your energy will be much better.

Stop being jumpy. The world is not after you, and the world is not against you. The world is actually there for you to conquer and to enjoy.