It’s amazing how many of you think about sex all day long.

What I want you to do is think about the amount of times each day you think about sex. I want you to write it down, every single time. As a matter of fact, I want you to take a tally, four marks, and put a line through them when you hit five.

No matter what number you think about, a woman is going to out think you. Women think about sex all day long. The woman I interviewed in this video down below, and I’m sure you’re going to stop reading these words now because the video is pretty amazing…

This woman confesses that her vagina actually talks to her throughout the day. When she sees a hot guy her vagina literally tells her, I want to have sex with that guy.

This woman is so sexually forward you’re going to think that she is not the norm. But in reality, she is in the norm.

Women think about sex a lot. Why? Because they’re highly sexual creatures just like you are. They might think about it a little differently and they may not watch the same type of porn you watch, but women think about sex all day long.

I remember when I first found this out it blew me away. I was in my 20’s and I was dating this girl.

Now, this was the 80’s, when things were a little different. There wasn’t the Internet, there wasn’t so much porn around. There was more of your imagination.

I remember I played truth or dare with her. how-to-get-laid

We started talking about masturbation.

At that point, in my 20’s, I was masturbating a decent amount when I wasn’t having sex.

But I was under the impression that women didn’t masturbate much at all. Because it was something that really wasn’t talked about. It was kind of taboo.

So we got a little buzzed, did shots of tequila, some body shots off each other. We got turned on, and got into a rip roaring open conversation about sex and masturbating. She confessed to me that she masturbated when she woke up and before she went to sleep and sometimes even during the day at work.

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. She actually out masturbated me.

Then I asked what she thought of.

She told me she thought about the delivery guy.

She thought about me once we started sleeping together. She’d have a good fantasy about me every morning and every night when we weren’t together.

I got really hot. I asked her the question that probably plagues so many of you guys. What about your friends?

She looked at me and said David, my friends do it too. That’s when I started really becoming involved in this business. I was fascinated with sex anyway, but this was just crazy. Women think about sex as much as men do.

Women masturbate as much as men do. Women talk about sex.

I was freaking out. It opened my eyes. I remember all the time I talked to women about sex, but I never thought they were as naughty or as dirty, and I realized they are. I was so happy I met this girl who was 23, because she changed my perspective on the way I think about this.

I began to think about women as my sexual equal. I no longer thought that I was the only one thinking naughty thoughts. I was able to communicate my sexual needs, wants, and desires to women because I was no longer thinking that they were prudes, or that they were cut from a different cloth.

This video is a video I want you to watch.

My coach, Alex, introduced me to a good friend of his and I had the opportunity to interview her. In this candid interview, she talks about why women think about sex all day and how you can get laid right away.
Check out the video and send it to all your friends, please, because you’re going to love it.