Right now, I want you to put everything down, and I want you to read this, because this is going to solve all your dating problems. You’re never going to have to suffer another lonely night. Your days of chronic masturbation are going to be over. You’re going to forget about approach anxiety forever. You’re going to get that girlfriend you’ve always wanted to have. You’re going to have sex with beautiful women. You’re going to have sex with the women you’ve always craved and desired.

That’s right. I’m about to solve your problems around meeting women. I’m about to reveal the 5 reasons you can’t meet women…

It has nothing to do with the way you look, how tall you are, how short you are, how fat you are, how skinny you are, how white you are, how black you are, how purple you are, how yellow you are. The 5 reasons you can’t meet women are very, very simple.

Are you ready?

1. You’re In Your Head

That’s right. You’ve convinced yourself you can’t meet women. You’re full of excuses every single day. Every chance you have to meet a woman, you always have an excuse that follows with it. There’s always a reason you can’t talk to her. You doubt yourself non-stop.

2. You’re In Your Head

That’s right. Number 2 is exactly the same as number 1. What a shock! You’re in your head all the time. When you go out, you convince yourself you suck at meeting women at bars, because guess what, you do!

You convince yourself everybody’s looking at you, and everybody’s whispering about you, so of course you can’t meet women. You’re full of excuses!

3. You’re In Your Head

That’s right. Number 1 and number 2 is the same as number 3. You’re so in your head that as you’re reading this blog post right now, you’re getting p#=[d off at me. Why?

Because you’re saying to yourself, “He’s 100% right.”

And guess what you’re starting to do? Get into your head. You think about all the reasons every day why you can’t meet people. You buy audio programs, and you try them for approximately 24 hours.

Maybe you even don’t even listen to the stuff you buy. You have a collection of digital downloads on your computer. You start listening to it and then you stop because you’re in your head. Because every time you hear about somebody’s success with women, you say to yourself, “well, he’s good looking. He can do that.”

You don’t even listen to it. You don’t believe that it’s actually as easy as someone says, because you’ve convinced yourself that it has to be hard. And that leads us to number 4.

4. You’re In Your Head

That’s right. Just like number 1, 2, and 3, you’re in your head. And now, as you read this article, you’re even deeper into your head, because you see all your excuses in black and white, and you’re staring at them right now. Stop beating yourself up!

 So, what about number 5?

Just like on the David Letterman show, this is today’s top five. The fifth most popular reason, you guessed it, you’re in your head!

In fact, halfway through this post you got so angry you wanted to go and meet women to prove me wrong, but now you’ve started to rationalize why you can’t. “Can I? Should I? Maybe. Nah, I’ll do it tomorrow!”

You’re making excuses because you’re in your head. So what are you going to do about it?

I hope you’re going to get the hell out your head. I hope you’re going to read this post over and over again, and take its lessons to heart. Stop telling yourself you can’t. Stop trying to guess what women think about you. Stop giving yourself excuses. You all have a personality. Most of you are genuinely nice guys. Get out. Meet women. Stop holding yourself back.

You have to start trusting what people are teaching you, and stay the f#?k out of your head!

It’s nearly the weekend. There’s an unlimited number of opportunities out there for you to meet and talk to women. Make this the weekend you challenge yourself and take some chances. Honestly, the more you communicate with people, the easier it gets. You have it in you. You just need to let it out. Don’t wait any longer. There’s a whole lot of life waiting for you to go and live it!

In my popular program “The Fearless Code” I show you step-by-step EXACTLY how I got out of my head and became a fearless natural with women, and I give you simple tools and exercises so YOU can lose all your approach anxieties forever.