what to do about stress david wygantDo you find yourself getting stressed out by a lot of little things in life?

Do you the same things stress you out over and over again?

Do you dread doing certain things?

Does moving make you stressed?

Does an e-mail from your boss stress you out before you even open it?

When you get a text from friend does it stress you out immediately?

When you get a phone call from your mom and she leaves a voicemail message do you get stressed after awhile?

Does flying make you stressed out?

Does packing for a trip make you really stressed because you feel like you’re going to forget something?

The list goes on and on of what small things stress out a lot of us.

Here’s the deal with stress:

Stress is just an emotional response to an old stimulus.

It’s a trigger response; it’s an old story you’re playing back—it’s literally the same as when Pavlov’s dog used to drool in anticipation of food.

So you really need to think about why these things make you stressed out.

Here’s a challenge for today:

Write down all of your stress trigger points, and then write down the usual outcomes.

When you see them written down, you realize that they’re not that bad.

You survive when you get called into your boss’ office, your mother’s phone call wasn’t as bad as you thought, the flight to New York wasn’t hectic at all.

All stress is really in your mind, so the real lesson is to learn how to eliminate these stressful thoughts.

You can’t eliminate stress unless you look at the fear that’s it’s based off. A lot of our stress is based on old programming. Programming from our parents or programming from our old experiences in the past.

So, start taking a look at your stress and start figuring out exactly where they come from so you can start processing them and feel a lot better about these little things that cause you such grief now.