Pete CarrollWhat a terrible game for Denver!

It was over from the get-go. Peyton Manning putting a snap-go over his head, and for some reason you could feel something was wrong. Even though there were 11 men on the field for Seattle, there were 12 men last night. Normally they say the 12th man is the fans in the stadium. Last night Seattle’s 12th man was Pete Carroll.

What an amazing person. What an amazing coach. He’s turned the NFL into a yoga class. The guy believes in the power of being present. He has a totally holistic outlook on everything in life. In fact, last week he admitted he let the team smoke pot. He didn’t care. Pete Carroll is the new-age modern coach in a game that’s very much old school. His team is the youngest in the NFL. But they all bought into him. They believe in him. They work for him, and they’re going to be good for a very long time.

Success is all about great coaching, and it’s obvious everywhere you go. If you work in a job, look at the people in senior positions. Look at the manager. Everything that happens in your job stems from there. Is there a great attitude at work? Do people love working for the company? Do people enjoy making money for the big man in the office, or does it piss them off?

Whatever atmosphere you experience in your work is down to the managers. It’s like that in whatever you do. Whoever you choose to be your coach in life, has to represent who you are or what you want to become. Pete Carroll is a man every player in that Seattle team wants to play for, and you could see they all wanted to win for him last night. He was even voted the coach most people in the NFL want to play for.

Pete Carroll is a winner. He’s only the third coach in the history of football to win at all three levels. Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer were the others. And for all you Cowboys fans, you know damn well Switzer won with Johnson’s team so I’d put an asterisk next to him!

Anyway, Pete Carroll is the new style of NFL coach. He’s a modern man playing an old man’s game. He treats his men as men, and makes it fun. There are certain companies I look at as the Pete Carrolls of the world. There’s Google, Microsoft, and Zappo. If you’ve read the book, “Delivering Happiness” they have a mindset where everything is about the team. It’s all about inspiring each other.

Carroll is no different. Read up on him and you’ll learn a lot. He’s a very grounded and interesting person. He knows how to motivate, and Seattle kicked the Bronco’s ass all over the field. They never allowed them to get into the game. In reality, the Super Bowl was theirs before the game had even started.

They believed they’d already won before anyone kicked a ball. That’s how powerful mindset is. Pete Carroll probably told them they were 60 minutes away from being champions.  They brought into it. They believed it. Russell Wilson said after the game, “Since we lost the playoff game last year against Atlanta, we knew we were going to win next year. We knew we’d win the Super Bowl.”

They played with tenacity. They played confident they’d win. They refused to lose.  

Some of you are probably wondering how I’m going to go from talking about Pete Carroll to dating. Very easily actually. When you walk over to a woman, do you truly believe she’s yours? When you go on a date, do you believe she’s going to like you before you get there? When you start a relationship, do you believe you’re the gift?

Do you visualize what you want your life to be? Do you write down exactly who you are? Do you know what kind of relationships you want? Or do you settle for AVERAGE in your life?

Do you settle for a job you don’t like? Do you date women you’re not really into, because you think you don’t deserve any better?

Pete Carroll doesn’t settle for average in his life. His whole life has been an amazing adventure. Years ago when he was at the Jets they told him he’d never be a head coach. Then he went to the Patriots and they fired him from that. People said he’d be much better in college. He’d never be a top NFL coach. So he went to UFC, and won a couple of national championships before heading to Seattle. When he joined, everyone thought they were crazy taking him on. Why hire a great college coach? Pete Carroll is now what every NFL coach wants to be.

During this off-season people are going to study Pete Carroll. They’ll look at the way he built his organization. This is how your life needs to be. Look at yourself, and imagine you’ve already achieved your goals. It’s time you became the man you want to be in all aspects of your life. It’s time to channel your inner Pete Carroll!