Can you imagine falling down a hole, and then becoming stuck there after having a boulder fall on your arm? What are the odds that at the precise moment you fall in that hole, that a boulder would land on your arms and jam your arm so you can’t get it loose?

It’s got to be a one in a million (or even one in a billion) shot, but obviously it happens since that true story was the premise for the movie 127 Hours. I recently saw that movie, and it was an unbelievable story of survival.

I also remember when the real event on which the movie is based happened back in 2003 to Aron Ralston. I remember reading how Aron amputated his own arm as the only way to get himself free after that boulder (which reportedly weighed between 800 and 1,000 pounds) fell on his arm.

I just wonder why it took Hollywood seven years to make a movie about it. Maybe it was too busy with amazing movies starring Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, and some other people.

Aron Ralston

I mean I like Adam Sandler movies, but there are some really bad movies that get made and it’s amazing that it would take a story like this seven years to get made into a movie. It’s truly an amazing story of survival.

What would you do if you were trapped with a boulder on your arm? Do you think you could cut our arm off if that was the only way to save your life? Do you think you’d have that strong of a will to live without going crazy in there, especially when you’re without food and water . . . and have to even drink your own urine. It’s a pretty intense movie.

Would you be able to survive all that? Would you be able to cut off your own arm to survive? Would you even know how to do it and what to do?

It’s amazing what people will do to survive. Here’s something to think about.

Think how hard people try to survive when the chips are down and their situation is dire. Now think about everyday life, and how many of you don’t try to survive and embrace life. Think about how many people don’t make each day as spectacular as it can be, because they always think they have an unlimited days left.

How many of you waste time? Watch this movie so you can realize that there’s a lot of amazing living you can be doing every single day.

What would you do for survival? Some of us get frustrated in traffic. Some of us can’t stand if someone bumps them in the supermarket. How many of you would cut off your arm to live?