I’ve been asked what living in the moment means to me, and what my inner processes are as to how I live in the moment. I’ve also been asked how I deal with my own demons.

I love my demons. It’s interesting, because to me living in the moment is the only way to go.

The only thing that really means anything is right now. Right now as I’m writing this blog, I’m staring at the mountains and the beach, and I’m thirsty. That’s all I’m feeling right now.

Maybe I’ll have other thoughts that come in later. When my girlfriend comes home, I’ll think about what I want to do.

You need to dial into that, and realize you won’t truly know what you want to do until you’re in the moment. You could try to plan things out, thinking maybe you want to grab dinner or have great sex, but you don’t know what’s going to happen later on.

So the only thing we have is the moment. If the phone rings and I answer it, then a new moment is created, and when I decide to pick up the phone then I will give that person 100% of my attention in that moment.

It’s really important for all of you to understand that the moment is all we have. When you’re out on a date, the only thing that you have right there in that moment is you and that person looking into each other’s eyes and talking.

If you think about how the date is going to end or how you want the date to end, then you’re not present in the moment. If you’re thinking about what happened with your last relationship, then you’re not present in the moment.

Another thing about living in the moment and processing it, is if something bothers you then you need to spit it out right at that moment. You can’t sit there arguing with your boyfriend or girlfriend and having it not feel right because you have something to say.

If you feel you need to take time to think something through and process it, then that’s fine. If you feel something in the moment that you want to share, though, don’t bury it.

Living in the moment to me means being able to say what’s on your mind 24/7, being able to stay connected to where you’re at, and being open to everything that’s presented to you at that time. It means being able to do all that without letting your mind wander and think.

How many of you have trouble staying present in the moment?