Wow, can we take a look at the calendar right now. We’re in the middle of August.

Fantasy football season is around the corner. Although not for Shogo, because we learned from the Shannon Sharpe blog that Shogo throws like a girl and now I’m never going to ever, ever let him live that down.

Anyway, today’s blog is not about why Shogo can’t throw a football. What this is about is whether or not this summer was the magic summer for you. Man, fall is right around the corner. Did summer happen the way you thought it was going to happen? Did you have that summer magic that you thought or you were hoping for? Did the summer time share, the house on the lake, the house on the beach, the parties and the barbeques, the things that you planned out, did the magic happen on those summer nights? Were they your rescue from the year? Or, as you’re sitting here right now reading this blog, are you realizing that you still lack some of the social skills you need to really make the magic happen?

My mom is funny, she always wants to move. She always says to herself, I’m going to move, and things are going to be different when I move. When she would say that I used to say to her, “No Mom, you’re still bringing yourself there with you.” And she would laugh. But it’s the truth.

Who Throws A Better Football; Kardashian or Shogo?

So when you showed up to all the barbeques, while you’re planning your big Labor Day weekend—remember that you’re still bringing yourself. You may be going to some amazing events and doing some really fun activities, but you’re still bringing the fears, the excuses, you’re still bringing that old person with you. To me, when you have great social skills that you really work hard on, you can have fun standing at a bus stop. You don’t need the magic of summer. Every day can be magic for you. Every day can be this amazing day that yields great results. Every night can be that magic summer night. So if you’re right now staring at your summer and realizing that it’s gone by and it didn’t deliver the goods that you thought, then I strongly suggest that you craft a plan, and make a commitment, to make these changes this fall.

You’ve got to work on yourself, you’ve got to be in touch everything that’s around you, you’ve got to get rid of the monkey chatter. Keep up with the blog, take the messages to heart and use them every day. And if that’s not enough and you can’t do it on your own, come to one of my events that are coming up. We’ve got a Communication Seminar in Chicago the week of September 10th, and I’ve got an intensive live-with-me program and a boot camp in London at the end of October. Shogo will make sure you don’t have to throw a football if you don’t want to.

But it’s time you made these changes.

Because let me tell you something, fall is coming up. Then the holiday season. New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner, and guess what you’re going to be saying? The same thing you said about where you were going to be this summer. Only now you’re going to change it to January 1, 2012.