I’ve got a new addiction…

It’s not life-threatening like crack or gambling, so don’t worry.

But I’m addicted nonetheless.

So, as most of you know, I don’t really watch much television.

But since I have Netflix On Demand connected to my TV, I finally decided to see what this Mad Men craze was all about.

See, my entire house is decorated in the Mad Men-style, all 60s, all mid-century, modern, real cool, real hip furniture.

So everybody that comes over sees it and then tells me that I need to watch the show.

So I watched it. And I’m hooked.

First off, Don Draper is the coolest name on television, ever.  Hell, I used to think I Dream of Genie’s Anthony Nelson was a cool name—Anthony Nelson.  But, Don Draper, definitely cooler. It’s a double D.  Can’t beat that.

Mad Men: check it out, awesome show.  It’s really fun, really hip, and really cool.  I love television like that.

But what a cool TV name! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Don Draper.

What is your favorite TV name of all time and why?

Lets go through that today and lets have some fun.

Screw dating.

Oh yeah, for all you people out there that always get angry when I don’t post something about dating, here is the tie-in:

You’re on a date. You’re bored and you have nothing to talk about—you’ve run out of things to say. You could look at them and say, “Hey, have you ever seen Mad Men?”


“Well let me tell you something, the main character’s name is Don Draper.  How cool is that? Hey, what is your favorite TV name ever?”

There you go!

I turned this into a dating post like I always do, just so you guys don’t get all upset because I’m talking about something non-dating.

So, Don Draper is my new favorite TV name.

Tell me: what is your favorite TV name and why?