When I was a little boy, I learned the power of how to uncover a woman’s soul. How to get her to open up and expose herself like never before.

I learned it or did I always have it inside me?

See, when I was a little boy, I was always fascinated with talking to my mom’s friends.

They were beautiful women, some hotter than others. I was able to sit at that round kitchen nook table with my mom and her friends, going deep.

Learning From the Best

They were my greatest teachers. I learned so many things. I learned what women desire in a man, found out what turns a woman on.

I understood about women feeling safe, vulnerable and open. Those are some of my favorite memories from childhood.

woman's soulAs I get older, and I become a man, I realize that as I uncover a woman’s soul, it’s the most beautiful thing to be exposed to. You see, I got into the business a long time ago because I’ve always loved women.

Sure, maybe at some points in my life, women were a conquest. But deep down, the bottom line was I always loved women.

Sure I had issues with my mom, issues with my grandmother, but I’ve always loved the scent of a women. I’ve always loved the feel of a women. I always loved connecting with a women and I always loved seeing a women’s soul just – just undressed in front of me.

It’s so beautiful to watch a women’s soul undress before your eyes.

A Woman’s Soul Exposed

I love to sit there and just watch them. When I’m sitting there on the couch and I’m talking, or sitting in a restaurant and I’m watching a women’s soul undress in front of me, I already know the kiss is going to be phenomenal. I already know the sex is going to be off the charts. I already know holding them, sleeping with them, holding them tight, waking up next to them is going to be a beautiful experience.

I like to just sit there and watch them undress in front of me. Watch their soul, watch their core, seeing them through and through and feeling as though I’m getting lost in the beauty of what is being connected, the connection of us.

So I got into this business. I got in to teach this.

I didn’t get in to teach how to pick her up. I didn’t get in to teach guys how to overcome fear.

I came into this business to teach guys how to love women. I teach guys how to love women because that’s what it’s all about. It’s about loving them, loving what they can bring to your life, loving how they can make your life better, loving the energy they give you, that’s why I got into this business.

I got into this business to teach you how to feel this, how to enjoy women the way I enjoy them. That’s why I got into this business. And that’s what keeps me in this business. Showing you how to appreciate, love and honor women. To be able to let go, to be able to go deep with a women, to be able to have soul sex with a woman. To be able to just align with them.