In NYC just landed and I was thinking about something.

How many of you walk around every day with the “don’t want to lose” attitude? I’m going to tell you the real truth about this attitude and what it’s doing to your dating life.

Do you know what the “don’t want to lose” attitude is? Usually it means that you are totally caught up in the outcome with everything you do.

So when you go and approach and talk to someone, you don’t approach them as yourself. You approach them as the “I don’t want to lose” person, and the “I want this person to like me” person.

Super Bowl MVP

To begin with, you don’t have this person. They are a total stranger. So how do you even have this attitude in the first place?

Do you know what happens to a sports team that has a “don’t want to lose” attitude? They usually end up 4-12 at the end of the season. They play all of their games tight because they’re not relaxed and laid back, and they are really just a mess when it comes down to executing anything.

Do you think Aaron Rodgers had that attitude last Sunday?

So what you need to do is to go into every approach and every meeting with an attitude that you are going to have fun. You need to not care so much about the outcome, because the outcome is rarely what you expect it to be. Start having carefree moments in life, and lose the “don’t want to lose” attitude!